Halo Infinite - Feedback on Bullets/Ballistics/UI

I wanted to make a quick post addressing something very small compared to usual topics but I feel is very important…The ballistics and the bullet counter (or lack thereof) in Halo Infinite.

First thing I noticed when I watched the 8 minute demo was the generic number counter for ammo, as opposed to the stylish holo images of the bullets from all previous games. This is not only more boring IMO but makes it redundant having the ammo count on the Rifle itself as well as in the corner. Also everything has been moved to the bottom right instead of the top right which isn’t a big deal but would like to know the thought process there.

Second and most important IMO are the cartoon-like, very obvious yellow tracers coming out of the Assault Rifle. This may seem so benign for some people but it is a really big deal IMO for how the weapon feels to shoot. I noticed this effect on all kinetic weapons in the demo (Sidekick, Commando, and the Mangler. Shotgun was fine as it used pellets)

All previous Halo games when shooting the AR, there are no visible tracers and you had this cool effect of impact that made it obvious when you were hitting your target.

Faster, punchier ballistics make the weapons seem more powerful and feel more fun to shoot.

Combined with the muted audio design of the AR in Infinite as well as the slow and obvious bullet tracers on this as well as the Pistol make the “kinetic” ammo types look more cartoony and less satisfying to shoot. Overall I really like the art style of Infinite but I was really bummed to see cheesy looking bullet tracers when none of the previous games had this for the AR especially.

It reminds me of shooting a paintball gun IRL and it serves no purpose to enhance the gameplay. I hope 343 removes this entirely or changes it somehow. When comparing to their previous work in Halo 4 and 5, it is by far the least impressive looking Assault Rifle to fire. I feel like this is such an odd choice in a game that is paying more respectful homage than before to CE.

Please consider if any devs are seeing this :slight_smile: Gameplay wise I think Infinite looks fantastic but the tracers on Kinetic weapons are huge letdown for me personally as small as it may seem.