Halo Infinite Feedback (my opinion on it)

Halo Infinite is good, but needs some work, Here’s my thoughts.

First let me start off by saying I’m a true Halo Veteran. Been playing for 20 years so I know Halo and it’s roots. First I’ll list off the good, then the Bad.


• Gameplay and sandbox is amazing, it could use some small balancing here or there but is truly what modern Halo should feel like.

• Armor art style and customization options are incredible. The different cores feel like different armor and the options for so many small pieces makes me excited to create my own unique Spartan.

•Map designs are a perfect mix of original, new, and classic. Weapon and sandbox placement feels bountiful, allowing me to play how I want to play.

• BTB is loads of fun, between weapons and vehicles being random, ordinance and vehicle at appropriate intervals. Each match is a little different. The variety is plentiful. And I love that tanks DON’T spawn right away as I’m not immediately getting insta killed.


•Challenge system is not fun, and too difficult with no amount of skill being able to make it easier.


Challenges should be challenging. (Duh) but these are too specific, and very luck based.
“Get five kills with the wraith” half the time The match is over before big vehicles drop, and the other half is a scorpion that drops instead. Then when a wraith DOES spawn, all 24 players rush to them so they can get their challenges done too.

Solution, combine challenges that rely on randomness.

“Destroy brute choppers or warthogs” with any progress working collectively.

“Win matches of total control or capture the flag”

“Earn sniper rifle or rocket launcher kills”

• Customization present is lacking incredibly. There’s so many places to customize your Spartan but only a small amount of pieces for each slot. Obviously this will get fixed in time but a part of the problem is certain small items not being able to work on multiple sets. I know that there’s a difference between a mark V(b) scout helmet and a mark vi scout helmet. But how come the tactical knife attachments can’t be attached to ALL cores.

Further more there is NO armor attached to specific objectives. It’s only in the store or battle pass. There should be SOME free armor for completing certain commendations or beating the game on legendary. (I haven’t seen armor unlocks announced for this) There’s so many options but so little ways to use them.

•There’s not many maps. (This problem will solve it’s self with time but is still frustrating.)

•No friendly fire or collision is an issue. I know 343i said they’re sticking to this but it’s not working out imo. Teammates frequently run through me while I’m sniping or throwing a grenade and they block the shot resulting in both me not finishing a kill and them getting us both killed. This happens in ranked too and that’s a tragedy.

Also this makes BTB vehicles a little broken. I was hijacking a wraith and another player shot me with a scorpion and it did nothing to the wraith.
My solution to this is too have lowered friendly fire damage but not off, and full friendly fire to vehicles, but don’t let them explode immediately. For instance. If I shoot my teammates vehicle with a rocket enough that it should destroy it, instead it would just go into the “Doomed timer” allowing them to get out. If they don’t before it explodes, give me a betrayal.

•For those who enjoy power vehicles starting in BTB they miss out with those vehicles coming later in the match. Perhaps this could be remedied with either a separate playlist or game mode similar to “BTB heavies”

In conclusion this game is on track to be amazing, these are just some grievances my friends and I have and possible solutions. You guys at 343 are doing really good and the community is blown away by your effort to listen and correct. It’s impossible to please everyone but you guys are so close to finding that perfect middle ground.

(I forgot to mention the event)

It’s nice to see a new game mode but since the challenge system is a little difficult to get through it makes it hard to level up the event pass and forces you to NOT play the event in order to get more event challenges.


To add onto the list of gripes I think the radar range needs to be extended, especially in btb. With how fast movement is in this game by the time they pop up on radar they are in melee distance and with how low ttk is you have no chance. And sbmm seems to be very aggressive but there’s no possibility of that being tweaked. Other than that I agree w your post and can’t add much else

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I agree, and to add to that. I suppose the shield recharge feels a little slow in arena. Some maps have you spawning on top of each other and there’s little time to recover. Maybe I’ll make a separate post with my thoughts on what gameplay tweaks could really tie everything together.