Halo: Infinite Feedback (from a console player)

I really want to like Halo: Infinite, but…

There’s so many rage-inducing design decisions that have turned me away, only days into playing:

• Console players forced to play with PC players… AND with different input types?! Yikes. Halo is primarily a reactions / gun skill based game - a M&K has a HUGE advantage over a controller when in the hands of a skilled player (quicker and more accurate aiming and turn rate). Let’s not mention even mention the better frame rates and widescreen monitors / larger FOV. Oh, and hackers? Thanks for sharing the problem with console players when they don’t have any of their own.

• The net code / servers are awful - I’m constantly running on 20 ms ping, and am consistently having (a) enemies die around 0.5 seconds after finishing a clip on them, (b) double melees registering as hits on screen and the enemy in question not dying (no, they don’t have overshield), (c) energy sword hits registering on enemies and then not dying, and (d) I’m one-hit dying to a gravity hammer miles away from me, but when it’s the other way around, the dude carries on running around like I hit him with a pillow.

• Spawns in 4v4 are AWFUL. The amount of times I’ve died to an enemy, sometimes multiple enemies, spawning either behind me, or in my FOV - steps away from me - is actually insane.

• Reactionary / situational awareness is so poor in this game. You can barely hear footsteps, and when you do - it’s often too late. The radar range is so small, your Spartan could hold his arm out and his hand would be out of range. Look, I get part of the skill of Halo is “learning spawns” etc., but that negates mechanical skill and pushes it to just “memorising”.

It’s certainly not just me complaining about this on console; the majority of players I’ve spoken to echo the same issues. I’m probably one of the few who will put the effort into coming on the official forums to give actual feedback on this though.

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The main problems I have with infinite’s multyplayer is the non existent aim assist, the team balancing its like mcc all over again other then that the game is good, btb needs a bit of improvements

I agree with pretty much everything you said. I’ve noticed the gravity hammer is very weird though. I’ve been legit like 20 feet away from a hammer guy with full shields and they will one shot me. I think there’s a shockwave that goes out where the reticle is but nothing tells you that. I’ve had plenty of times dying around corners or punching at the same time as some else and they don’t take damage. Plenty of times especially where I’m backing away from a guy who is moving towards me and they lunge punch me from a mile away. That’s always the most annoying because they are not in my punch range at all but I am in there’s if they can just fly at me like they have a sword. I get about 30ms latency according to the game