Halo Infinite Feedback (After playing 23h)

First of all, im thankfull that i got invited and i played a lot, to can give a proper feedback for the Devs.

Also i have in mind, that we played just a “flight” (something close to a alpha or beta i guess) and the final Product is likely way more polished like this Version.

The Game makes really fun, i found a lot of good things because i found more good rather than bad stuff, i just want to give constructive feedback and my opinion, this is not a rant or cheeky bashing, just FYI. Compliments to the devs, i think it’s a good mix between old and new Halo.

Here some stuff that im sure, can help improve the game and gives the game a bigger chance to succed even more.

  1. Gunplay with Controller:
    The Gunplay or to be more exact, the aiming with Controller (i play on PC, i dont know if the Console players had the same feeling) felt a little bit off. An User here at the forum described it really good: " i fighting more against the crosshair rather against the enemy". I can confirm that feeling. I took a long time in the settings and play matches to find the best sensitivity and analogstick deadzones, after 1 Day playing and set to FOV to 100 and better sens and deadzones settings, it felt better and a bit more like a Halo Game but was not really good. (a lot of players felt the same and threads a already opened about this topic).

I hope the devs see this and adjustet a bit, to feel ist more like the previous Halo Titles for a couples of Reasons:

1a. The Devs said in the Multiplayer overview Trailer and the Technical Preview Livestream, that one of the big goals are to keep the Halo legacy but also add new stuff to the game. And they said they want that a lot of new player are playing Halo Infinite. To fulfill this goals, its important to have a beginner friendly (or at least not a exexution heavy and almost pixelperfect gun handling) handling with the Controller, a lot of people play with Controller, even some gamer on PC like to play with Controller, sure it exist now a gunrange and training against bots, but the Casualplayer or “normal” shooterfan wants to jump in in MP and don’t want to play hours and hours to get used to the “clanky” (at least more dificult than previous Halo Titles) aiming mechanic. (Trust me i would say im a good player, against second most and most difficult bots i was almost every round nr.1 on my team with a lot of kills, but it was not as fun to shoot like in H2,H3 and HR.)

1b. The “git good” argument is really meaningless because a lot of player (even much more better than me) complaining about the new aiming feeling of the Controller, even if they destroy with their skill the whole lobby. Why they Complaining? Because the lack of fun (and not because of “i suck, i need AA”). The previous Halo Titles had a crisp and fun way, the guns work and to aim and shoot with the guns, here i felt like the gunplay is more designed for MnK ( just a feeling, not a accusation). It was way more fun to play with MnK and it felt right on spot (If the devs don’t tweak anything for controller aiming/gunplay i will only play with MnK). If they leave it that way, in mixed lobbys (besides extremely good Controller Player) the MnK players will win quite a lot against casual Controller players.

1c. Tom French (one of the devs) said in the technical Preview livestream, that playing Halo Multiplayer can be scary for some people. And the devs want that a lot of new people get into Halo. If the skillgap is bigger than in previous Halo, because a more “realistic” or rather difficult aiming, than the deterrence is quite big for new players and it can be that a lot of people maybe test the game but eventually “throw” (its free to play i know) the game in the corner.

If 343i want to have a big playerbase that keep growing, it’s necessary to make the Controller aiming feel more accessible than now (Don’t get me wrong, i want not that game gets too casual, but a certain accessibility is important for a free to play shooter to succeed). Additional to that, imho you should nothing change about the MnK aiming, it feels great.

  1. Radar / Motion Tracker**:**
    It’s not a big Problem, but i think the old Radar system works better than the new one. A few threads a already openend about this. Im not a radar expert^^ but the old Radar mechanic makes still sense in infite imo and can pleased the old playerbase as much as new Halo players.

  2. Sprinting Animation:
    Even with tweaked settings, the sprinting felt stiff and shaky, it has room to improve this to make it feel smoother.

  3. UI:
    The UI in general wasnt that bad, but i think it will be good, if the battlepass stuff, and stuff that i already purchased was better to differ (but maybe i was stupid as hell!)
    The customisation selection by first clicking the item and then needing to click a tiny square to confirm isnt a good UI choice imho and not obvious or user friendly to be honest. A little bit to much Sub Menus, maybe using free space on the Screen for the details would help.

  4. Medals:
    The size of the medals in game is a bit too small i think, it would be awesome if they are bigger and maybe a setting for the colours (that they look like in H3 or HR)

  5. Outlines for Team and Enemy:
    I understand the point of every player has their uniqe style n stuff, but i think the classic RvsB is good too, for me its enough if i can see the different spartans in the intro sequence of the MP match and when the match begins, all mates are blue and enemy red for example(but the different Parts like helmet and so, stays like the player has chosen). But i really dont mind it, if they change nothing on this system, with other outline colors wich you can change in the settings you can easily tell who is mate and who is enemy.

  6. Needler:
    The Needler dont sound like a needler, more like a normal SMG, maybe it can be fixed easily.

  7. Sniper Rifle:
    Imho the sniper shoots a tiny little too slow. Cool if they buff it, a tiny little bit but it’s not the end of the world if they leave the sniper like it is now.

Overall i think this game is on a good way and it was fun to play it. Im sure on release the game will be more polished and the perfomance is likely to be much better than now. If you read the complete Post, i want to thank you and if the devs take time to see/read this you are true legends and really community friendly.

Sorry for my bad english btw

Thank you for your time!

EDIT: Some user had a discussion about the “Controller Aim Incident”, the problem is maybe the following:

"Aiming in general is broken, not just aim assist. Deadzones are borked beyond belief, and aiming diagonally is way slower than aiming horizontally and vertically. This is the core of the problem and is why aiming feels terrible. Even if they ramp aim assist way up it’s still going to feel like yoink until they fix the core issues with aiming."

I forgot to say:
Sometimes nades from fallen Spartans, rattles on the ground like Beyblades and make unecessary noises^^
And the translation for “Restart Drill” in german was really funny: “Bohrer neustarten”, wich means: Restart Cordless drill. Just say: Drill neustarten, Ü-Yoink!- neustarten :smiley:

I really hope they do a quality pass on needler audio.

The projectiles themselves could also be improved to look more colorful and vibrant.

> 2535432701800121;3:
> I really hope they do a quality pass on needler audio.
> The projectiles themselves could also be improved to look more colorful and vibrant.

yes and like the youtuber thereachway said, if the enemy die from the needler, the “glass” sound is missing. This are only small “problems” i think they will fix it

> 2535432701800121;3:
> I really hope they do a quality pass on needler audio.
> The projectiles themselves could also be improved to look more colorful and vibrant.


Im on board with this feedback