Halo Infinite favors kills over points

Loving the multiplayer but there is a simple problem here. I just played the BTB where you have to capture points 3 times to move forward. I didn’t do too hot but I wasn’t worried, because I had 9 captures. The most on the team. But do me only having 8 kills I’m on the bottom of leaderboard. The guys at the top are doing good yes, but they have 18, 16, 16 kills a average of 2-3 captures. I have jack in points do me not getting kills. Why would I ever go for captures at that point? It’s the same logic as the only way to progress at all on the battle pass is challenges and not playing objective. (Or the fact you can just buy levels)

I know this sounded like a rant but it’s a valid concern. Let me know what you think.

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I agree completely, half the time I play I am giving it my all to complete the objective and my team mates are messing around just getting kills, there needs to be bigger bonuses for doing the task than kills IMO as it defeats the purpose otherwise.

Interesting, I’ve had the opposite experience. I’m very objective focused and tend to have not too many kills when I become very objective focus, but I still find I’m near the top of the board in BTB above teammates with double or triple my kills.
I guess it’s all to do with the points that you’re getting for the actions you’re doing. My guess is that if teammates are killing enemies in objectives and then not taking the objectives themselves, I think they would come out with more points than someone just capturing the objective. This is just my guess on how its working.