Halo Infinite Explosion Effects

It might just be me but I think the explosions visually in Halo Infinite don’t look good. They look really cartoony and unrealistic compared to Halo 3 or Halo Reach. I realize this is a tech preview build but hopefully, they will change all of the explosions and smoke effects coming from vehicles, explosions from grenades, or rockets.

LateNightGaming has a great video talking about this:

plasma grenades are very underwealming, ud think they would cast more light and sparks like h3 or reach and less so explode in a flurry of blue paint

Yeah, while I’d usually say something as such is low priority and it may be, these definitely stick out sorely. I hope to see them improved over time as well.

They look like explosions in Halo Wars 2…which while fine on a rts, looks pretty damn wonk in first person.

Wasn’t this exact same thread made like yesterday?