Halo Infinite Expectations

Now that Halo Infinite is releasing in under a month, I want to know what your guy’s hopes and expectations are for the game.
Personally, I don’t have much hope. Sure, 343i said they would try and make it like Halo Combat Evolved, but there are some things that lowered my expectations. There’s going to be no blood splatter. If the Flood does decide to make an appearance, they’ll likely be taking a back seat to the action, rather than being the stars of the show. And the Assault Rifle. The Halo Reach AR was supposed to imply that there was worse technology and that it was before we had all this fancy stuff. The return of it in a new variant implies that this, also, is a less advanced time. That is not the case.
Anyway, sorry for the rant, would love to hear what you guys think. Don’t be scared to post a long rant.

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From what I have seen so far I have hope.

Don’t get me wrong that could quickly dive into disappointment if the game and its world turn out to be cookie cutter and far more ‘far cry’.

Blood doesn’t bother me all that much and while I would love to see the flood again (provided they are done well and not just there to tick them off a list) I’m fine if they aren’t. I get the feeling Infinite is going to focus on the Banished and have a couple of small side stores to it like the Harbinger and Skimmers. We know the Flood is alluded to but I think throwing them in would just make the story too messy. Save them for a future update/expansion so they can come back properly.

Given that we now know (as some of us had expected) the world will be in ‘chunks’ I hope those chunks are packed with things to find and see story, lore etc wise but not so densely packed it becomes boring to trudge and find the next thing.

Length wise I hope it can hit a good 30-40 hrs and that’s including collectibles etc. Overly bloated games has been a thing lately such as Valhalla [60 hrs campaign with another 60 for all side content.] it just has far too much padding with too little meat. Hopefully Infinite can avoid that issue.

I also hope that bosses mini or otherwise can have their health bars removed and just have the game visually show me their hes,th by losing armour etc.

Expectations: great MP (about 10 maps for 4v4, and 3 or 4 for BTB, lots of gametypes at launch, smart game design) great SP (really fun and interesting level design, entertaining story, lots of stuff to play around with.

Hopes: Flood making a return (properly), interesting stuff to do after main story, awesome maps we haven’t seen yet, fun year 1 roadmap, I also want to see some crazy ideas being explored for expansions/DLC.

Fears: week 1 being an absolute disaster as far as matchmaking/networks are concerned, horrible and poorly written story, boring boss fights, zero direction post launch.

I expect Halo Infinite to fill the gaping hole that nearly 10 years of 343’s experiments with the franchise left behind. I expect stellar gameplay, which I saw during the flight; I expect fantastic visuals, which it looks like they’ve accomplished; and I expect an amazing story. I can’t say much for that last one, but so far, I don’t have a reason to believe it won’t be.

Simply, I expect a good Halo game. And I hope that it’ll be a good foundation for future Halo content as well.

My one hope is that the community can maintain, relatively, the cohesion it’s had recently. It’s exhausting seeing people complain or argue over the smallest and most trivial aspects of 343i’s games. I know Bungie’s had it too, but it’s just dialed up to 11 since H4 released.

Halo games seem to ride or die based on their community, and Halo Infinite has such a great sandbox with an incredible rendition of Forge down the road, there’s an opportunity for some really great experiences for some time to come.

Hopefully the three flights helped them in making sure the matchmaking and network. Would love to see a full public beta before launch and not a Halo Insider only deal that the flights were. Just to do a final network and matchmaking stress test.

My hopes are well executed story not the mess that we had with Halo 5. As an example in the cutscene when Roland learned Cortana is alive and not one of his questions were clearly answered and it was in other cutscene we got vague answers and you had to have said question in mind.
Also no multiple un answered or here say answers for questions, problems or main story lines. Such as the fate of Blue Team, Lasky. If any main/supporting character is said to be dead, there better be a flashback cutscene or cutscene or you see it happen while in combat. I want true confirmation that they are dead. Not here say. I also don’t want to have collect Intel, terminals, hidden reports. If they do it that way, it better because we saw the bodies or we meet up with them and Intel, terminals, hidden reports just give us the details of how they died or the moments leading up to their deaths or how they survived and the moments leading up to the reunion.


  • Game is a hit and it bring a new wave of enthusiasm for the series. Everything goes well. It gets the green light for continued support. I want to see the series do well and for Halo to become a top billing game.

  • They tell a great story that builds off the key narrative thread from Halo 4.

  • They flesh out the state of the galaxy and get across what the Banished are about and the scope of their threat. What do they want and why.

  • They explain what’s going on with Earth.

  • You have a game with the emotional beats of Halo 4, the drama, epic set pieces and impactful plot of Halo 2 and have an ambient open world where you can immerse yourself in.


  • The servers break at launch and people turn their nose up at the game.

  • There’s some absurd Crisis that snowballs into derailing the game.

  • The game clumsily deals with the Halo 4/5 plot rather than weaving them into driving the story forward.

  • It ends up being a very short game after six years of wait.


I’ve been cautiously optimistic from the start. But I’m a bit more hopeful after playing the alpha.

I REALLY don’t want this to end up being another 6 hour long Halo game after waiting 6 years.

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Same fear here. Waiting 6 years for a short campaign would be a kick in the balls for me.

Theyve returned to the core principles of halo (sandbox driven experience), removing or significantly nerfing enhanced mobility, which is good. The presence of a wide variety of weapons with little redundancy and the return of equipment are promising too.

However, the game so far doesn’t seem extraordinary.

Map layouts so far some poorly designed - just tons of walls and rooms everywhere, they bare little resemblance to the all time great maps with wide open sightlines throughout the map (think Sanctuary, Lockout/Gaurdian, The pit, etc)

Needless re-introduction of RNG mechanics aka bloom is a terrible gameplay decision. Increasing aim assist values where they weren’t needed, further pushing away whatever PC crowd they have yet to even attract. Needless and senseless removal of collision.

343 are going to need to fix a lot of things going forward if they want this game to last imo.