Halo Infinite Expanded

Hey 343i and Halo community,

I know it’s been a while.

I have a few things I would love to see in Halo Infinite:


  • 4 player local Split screen - Offline (maybe online) custom game bots - Playable elites - Flood option (similar to prosthetic arm in halo reach)Minor:

  • Unlockable armor (either halo reach or halo 3 fashion) - Dual wielding - Forge all vehicles from Halo CE to 5 (bonus for elephant, mammoth, golden hog and troop hog w/ passenger seats) - Species action sack? able to play as spartans, elites, grunts, hunters, brutes and jackals (probably not drones, engineers or prophets)Extra:

  • 1 multiplayer map from major areas (high charity, New Mombasa, the ark, etc.) - a one shot gun similar to grande launcher or the option to take off explosive damage. (for one shot no scope game modes)I know a lot of people are asking for split screen and you said you’d add it back, so thanks. Many people are asking for multiplayer bots, please add them. The bots can play game modes like slayer, CTF, KoTH, and oddball. Besides it was proven through Halo 5 warzone that ai can be in a big team battle games. Whether or not they work on forge is up to 343i. The flood arm are is pretty much just aesthetics. Perhaps when you melee you use the flood whip instead of weapon, and it would be a small whip. The flood would look just like the player’s customized elite or spartan, but just have the flood arm and maybe head like in Halo 2 Anniversary.

It would be nice to have the armor unlockable like it was in halo reach or halo 3. I really want to see dual wielding return even if only in custom games. also please bring back and keep the mauler and silenced smg with scope. Please let us be able to spawn all the vehicles from the previous halo games that were all driveable. It would also be cool to have a scarab, phantom and pelican but I’m not asking for it. I’m also asking for the ability to play as the other species of the covenant at least in custom games. perhaps something similar to halo reach’s invasion. That way players can recreate the grunt rebellion and the taming of the hunters.

Anyway those are my many cents and thank you 343i for listening and thanks for adding the ability to zoom in, in monitor mode in MCC halo 4. The little things matter : )

Hey OP, appreciate the time you put into this but there are already a multitude of active wish list threads available. Rather than everyone creating a separate topic for their own wants and wishes, best to try and keep that number down. Feel free to add your thoughts to any of the existing threads, thanks :slight_smile: