Halo: Infinite Excitement

What is your biggest excitement about Halo: Infinite?

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> What is your biggest excitement about Halo: Infinite?

Honestly for me it’s the battle pass ! How I can go back to a previous battle pass to track all my progress. I think it’s a cool feature for gamers who may miss out on playing time during a season.

> 2535426659954778;1:
> What is your biggest excitement about Halo: Infinite?

I am very excited to see the open world gameplay in the upcoming Halo Infinite.

The huge amount of customization options with the online mode, and the intriguing storyline in the campaign.

From a hopefully challenging legendary open world campaign, to a rewarding and enjoyable multiplayer. Really what new things are being brought to the table.

The Lore of zeta halo. there are so many really cool fan theories and conspiracy theories that if even small fraction of them are somewhat true it would be really cool.

Can’t wait for the campaign. The open-world will be interesting to explore and have lots of lore in it!

a new game after 6 frkng years

Campaign cant wait to jump feet first into it! as my boy Masterchief

It’s a new Halo game. That’s all it takes to get me excited for. But mainly the new armors and possibilities

More expansive campaign…excited to see how “open-world” it is.

For me the excitement is just for a new halo game more campaign and new multiplayer what more can you want?

I can’t wait for the lore dump. We’re so in the dark for recent events I want to know more

So excited for the ranked multiplayer and all the new strats that will emerge with the game

Excited to see how they recover after Halo 5’s narrative and how it ties into HW2.

Kind of Niche, but I can’t wait to be playing halo with friends (As is our Saturday night custom) and then we just hop over from MCC to infinite to do a few games on there. We’ve been only MCC as some of us share an Xbox through households so we can’t play H5.

I hope we get some PVE modes in mp, like firefight.

Hopefully that the multiplayer actually feels like Halo again. Halo 3 was the last one.

4 player co-op on the campaign, then multiplayer obviously!


  1. Campaign.
  2. Multiplayer
  3. Scripting
  4. API
  5. Forge

In that order… and I’m still very excited about #5.