Halo Infinite ending

I’m not trying to jump to conclusions but with Halo Infinite giving off the vibe in the 2018 trailer of a semi open world game do you all believe there will be a finality to this game?
Or will Halo Infinite go the way of Halo 2 in terms of story cliffhanger?

I doubt they’ll throw a huge cliffhanger at us like they did with Halo 5, but it’ll probably be open in regards to the future of Chief’s story.

Here’s hoping that Master Chief has a more pleasant conclusion in Halo Infinite and not be lost or floating in space.

not sure about yall… but im actually hoping masterchief goes mia (Aka dies)
Serving as a beacon of hope for the rest, Spartan Jerome taking his role in future games if thats an option.
Tbh… our beloved john is old, headstrong, and wont give up fighting till the death of him, or that humanity’s future secured in safety.

And i really cant see John live on without cortona. Cortona is virtually dead. and the reality of the situation is settling in slowly but surely. John is broken. In the halo 5 guardians trailer “The only thing worse than losing a hero, is watching them turn against you” or something like that.
In halo 4 “They will replace me with another version of me, it wont be me you know” “thats not going to happen”

Now that cortona is comprimised/corrupted… and betrayed chief , replacement not really an option … the only thing is containment from the perspective of cheif… and from the UNSC/Oni perspective . . . destruction . Cheif really would have to go AWOL …

You kind of see there are not many ways cheif can work within the framework of the unsc

It’s really too early to tell. It’s even too early to tell how Infinite will manifest itself, from where it will draw it’s inspiration, what’s new on the table, etc.

But if I had to bet, I’d bet they probably wouldn’t do another Halo 5. And the only reason Halo 2 has a cliffhanger is because Microsoft were already trying to get them to release in 2003, so in 2004 Microsoft practically just pushed them to release. Part of this was probably due to the fact that the guys at Bungie were going to close the Halo franchise with Halo 2 (the entirety of Halo 3 was Halo 2’s third act, which is why it feels like one big conclusion), and Microsoft probably knew this and definitely wanted a trilogy (and obviously more, but so did we).

Point is, Halo 2’s ending was not intentional, and they clearly have learned a lot from Halo 5 already, and so I think they won’t sequel-bait this time around. Maybe the new enemy will still be at large, but I’m sure there’ll be some sort of finality to it.

Can Master Chief retire?

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> Here’s hoping that Master Chief has a more pleasant conclusion in Halo Infinite and not be lost or floating in space.

I’m actually okay with the Chief being lost in space again. It’s a fitting end and possible homage to the original trilogy. Something about the Chief again saying “Wake me when you need me” gives me nostalgic goosebumps.

I’m also okay with the Chief just being labeled as missing in action while the series shifts its protagonist role over to Jerome. I’m in the camp that would be happy to see Jerome as the new face of Halo should the Chief make a dramatic exit.

In the least I hope for some form of closure, an ending to a storyarc. So not finality, exactly, as finality would imply no further story to be told rather I just hope for some form of conclusion for currently going on events with optimally peacetime ending & with hint of opedness.

And sequel baiting should just go laying down in a ditch at this point already.