Halo Infinite Effects/VXF Toggle Poll

People who think like this are incredibly childish in my opinion as it’s, frustration that you want and you’d feel robbed of it otherwise.

But no, it’s not that I or any other can’t take an L it’s just that we don’t like Effects/VXF in general in the game. We wouldn’t want Mythic Effects even if there were no kill effects.

It’s pure preference, nothing to do with imaginary egos and nonsense. lol

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Unsurprising that some individuals here get the pleasure of being as obnoxious as possible


I would support a toggle as I do find them a little annoying, but it should be either on or off. If you want others to experience your kill effects, then you need to experience theirs.
I’ll continue to tolerate them though, as there are much bigger fish to fry.

We wouldn’t want Mythic Effects even if there were no kill effects.

You only speak for yourself, don’t use “we”

nothing to do with imaginary egos

Yet here you are imagining you are more than one person “WE”


it’s just that we don’t like Effects/VXF in general in the game.

They’ve been in the game since 2010 when Reach dropped. Its very normal and accepted at this point

It definitely should be a toggle! I can’t stand all the effects and all that stuff. It honestly makes me not want to play, no joke. Just like in Halo reach when everyone had the grunt party on for a while… After a few days of that I didn’t play for I don’t know how many weeks because I got so annoyed with it. I came back later and it wasn’t as bad but it seems like 343 want to keep having these new effects and stuff all the time so it sounds like there’s going to be something new to annoy you all the time.

Just have a toggle. The people that like them can still see them enjoy them and the people that don’t, don’t. Seems like a pretty fair compromise and a win-win for everyone.


I had that moment already when I played the third week of Tenrai. The game started and as it shows my team I see a Black Yori core with neon pink and teal and a holo mohawk, MK Vb Hot Rod Red and Gold with the holo visor, MK VII in the christmas coating and holo broken halo and then finally me… Mk VII slate grey with no extra effects of any kind. I saw all that and the first thought that entered my mind was “Where my Halo gone?” and I wasn’t talking about the holo halo. I was meaning, what has happen to the look of halo?


Add a toggle so the people who don’t like it will not talk about them.


It’s hilarious that you’re trying to call me out, when I’m pointing out that even simply the people who’ve voiced their opinion in here, don’t want a toggle purely because of ego. Therefore it is WE.

Pure irony that you’re trying to tell me not to speak for others when you yourself decided we don’t like them because of some egoism nonsense.

VFX have been in Halo since Halo 3, actually. Doesn’t mean I liked it back then or that we can’t strive for better accessibility and options.

And it goes without saying how different any of that is to the expansive VFX customisation of Infinite.


It’s a great source and will surely stay in the game. Cosmetic items are what sells these days for videogames.

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Nobodies asking for them to be removed from the game.


There it is again.

Appeal to popularity is not an argument. I could invoke the people that disagree with the poll, but Im not them so I wont.

You still never addressed my original argument, you’ve only had a hissy fit taking the line of hyperbole seriously

It is we in this context, because you were saying people who want them gone have fragile egos. Not just me, that’s a generalisation about a group. So of course in that context, when referring to what you said… it is we? lmao.

If I never addressed your argument it’s frankly because I didn’t see one. Is your argument that they are fun?

Or that they’re unique ways to taunt someone? Because all those are, are reasons you like the Effects. The only thing that you said in that original post that has anything to do with a toggle was the supposed hyperbole.

lol… There’s always one.

Also, not just invoking the voters - I’m ‘invoking’ what we can read from other posted responses. :rofl:


Looks like this poll is going the way of the Player Collision poll.

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A little less consensus, but for the most part yeah. I believe the pole for collision has stayed at 90% yes 10% no since it went up.

But of course 81% to 19% sure does sound like mixed feedback just like 90% to 10%. It’s really hard to figure out what the majority actually wants looking at those numbers. :thinking: :smile:

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