Halo Infinite Effects/VXF Toggle Poll

  • Add Toggle for all Effects
  • Don’t add a toggle for Effects

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This is pretty simple, are you for or against the addition of a quality of life update that would bring an optional toggle for all Effects into the game?

For Honor, another game with purchase VFX has already done this. If there’s a trend to follow, it’s accessibility.


  • Gives an option for a more immersive experience
  • Those who want them, won’t be affected
  • Makes for less visual clutter for those sensitive to flashing imagery.
  • Allows 343 to put stuff in the game that those who already don’t like Effects/VXF would hate.
  • Does not take away from anyone’s experience.


  • Those who like to use effects can’t force it on those who don’t want to see it.

Thing I liked about mcc was option to turn all that off, made my game more enjoyable, as time goes by and more and more effects come, it’s gonna look like a circus, really not a fan of flaming footsteps, or death effects, especially with sound.

I die, I get tea bagged, I re-spawn and repeat lol, I really don’t need a media show :rofl:


I’m enjoying them.

And if they are a good source of revenue for 343 I’m sure they’ll stay.

I doubt I’d buy them if they could be turned off?

And if they go they are just going to have to increase revenue from somewhere else.

The wolf one was getting annoyingly repetitive - but now it’s dispersed amongst the pack :). Variety is definitely the spice of life.

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I’m cool with toggles.

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It’s kind of pointless having a poll if you are just going to vote “missed the point” with anyone who doesn’t agree with you?

Kind of misses the point entirely.

This is missing the point entirely though, isn’t it?

What you don’t know won’t hurt you. Also, you being the sole person to disagree so far isn’t really any grounds to say I’d do that with anyone who disagrees.

Not really.

Part of the attraction of buying them is knowing that the other player will see and hear them.

I think they’re a bit of fun. Happy to earn / buy them. Very happy to use them.

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Plenty of people will still see them, and you’ll have no idea if they don’t. Like I listed in the OP, the only con isn’t being able to force everyone to see what many consider an obnoxious eyesore.


The idea that people get excited about annoying others with the effects and only want to use them if they can force others to see them… Give me the toggle this instant.


That’s the entire point of the kill effects though.

I’d be happy of they just lost the sound effects.

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I just want to ability to turn off the sound on kill effects. I like using them, but with the added SFX in season 2, I can’t stomach using items I’ve paid for.

If your sole enjoyment is making others see it then I question your purchase.

Nobody should have to see anything other than your armour. If you want to taunt someone, be a man and tbag them. And again, what you won’t know won’t hurt you.

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This is not an issue, let them fix the base game first. They will mess something else up if they try to add a toggle.

I’m a proponent of a toggle for FX, but optimally if it is active clientside. A lot of people are concerned that “oh my opponent won’t see it” and I understand for the most part. I would hope that a toggle would make it so that the user still sees any equipped FX whenever they make a kill, the opponent just wouldn’t see/hear it on their end. That way the user still experiences it and frankly has no idea whether or not the toggle is active. Plus make all FX active by default (toggle not active in options) so that people who either enjoy or don’t care will have the full experience with no changes.


I am not saying I want to buy them, I’m saying that is what they are designed for. They are purchasable taunts

I’d like a toggle but mostly for the sound.

Those who use them will now be at a disadvantage, if i cant see you due to lighting or an explosion but you can see me that would probably just make me stop playing the game as there is no way I’d play with it turned off.

This is literally just a toggle for an unfair advantage.

People against kill FX on have fragile egos and struggle to take the L

I like kill FX.

They’re fun: pure pride and glee

Like bagging and corpse punching: a flaming skull or wolf howl is a nice and unique way to rub it in the opponent’s face.

I never thought of it that way. Good way to put it

Assassinations were taunts (and sort of purchasable in H5). Kill effects are a MILLION times less intrusive than assassination animations were

Not having assassinations has been a nice little perk of Infinite’s current state.