Halo infinite dropped 5+ spots in the top free games section on xbox marketplace

Most people were just tired of people posting the steam charts only and acting as those the consoles or game pass players didn’t exist. I know that’s the only time I ever posted it.

Well, that and the fact that is were the largest part of the community plays from as well bare in mind.

I think everyone understands that the player base is losing players more then it’s gaining though.

It’s 20th on overall most played games, which is about 4 less spots than March where it was 16th out of 50.

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Iv’e taken a break, no doubt when forge comes I’ll be back a lot more, I’m just fed up with no progression system, de-sync a nightmare etc.

I know good things coming so not worried as such, for now I’m doing campaign run from reach to Infinite

Fishing Planet Free+ is higher on the list than Halo Infinite. At least, on the microsoft xbox store.

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where did you hear that?

The season 2 roadmap

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open beta is gonna come next month supposedly (assuming they don’t delay it) but I wonder how long it will take Forge to function well, so in reality they might run a short beta for Forge in September yes, but we may not see it fully release til Season 3.

That being said its wonderful news, the slow and painful release of content will soon end.

From the leaks it seems to function pretty well enough for a early beta test imo

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yes but obviously an open beta is a far more rigorous test of Forge than say what it is now, if we get Forge before November that would be awesome.

they met their goal of cashing out HEAVILY pushing promo content merch and trying to keep the store prices high as long as possible on top of inching prices back up like we wouldnt notice.

they just wanted to cash out even if it meant killing off the franchise


custom game browser wont be coming any time soon


I remember they did big advertisement on doing free give aways when 99% of their stream was constantly advertising pushing trying to sell merch

It would be interesting to know how much money 343 lost on this game, Im pretty sure the balance is negative now. This might be the biggest fail of all time in Video games history.


How embarrassing.

Take that information on Xbox Live and added it to the fact on Steam they are barely breaking 3,000 players a day…A DAY…and you have an absolutely epic failure. There is no one to blame but the top brass at 343.

I remember back when Halo 2 came out there was over 1 million people looking for games every night night after night, month after month. When Halo 3 came out I remember when my buddies and I all got together for a LAN party and saw there was over 3 million people playing. Our minds were blown!

How did we know? Bungie would show in matchmaking how many people were looking for games.

Now, if there is 10,000 people playing across Xbox Live and Steam it is a miracle.

What a shame.


What needs to happen is all of the DLC that has been planned and big events be pushed to 2025 and put out Halo 7.

The Halo Infinite moniker is so badly damaged that sadly Microsoft is going to have to put the game in their rear window. Such a shame.

This is what happens when you OVER PROMISE AND ABSOLUTELY UNDER-DELIVER. I’ve been in business for nearly 25 years of my adult life now and I’ve never seen a company do this so badly as 343 has.


Nah i wouldnt be surprised if the whales saved them early on.

Its like diablo immortal. The game may be sitting at a 0.3 out of 10 but it made blizzard insane proffits.


I feel like this is part of the problem with infinite.

Getting what you want is such a pain that when you finally get it you stop playing


343 probably sees being top 25 as an accomplishment


Buddy you are probably 100% correct. Sad but true!


Absolutely. I heard a story on one of the Halo centric forums of someone buying everything in the shop early on because they felt obligated to help support the game because it was free.

Granted it’s a story on the internet, so apply the level of scrutiny that you should, but that is what 343 was preying on and I don’t doubt that guy was the only person to have that experience with Halo Infinite at launch.

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