Halo infinite dropped 5+ spots in the top free games section on xbox marketplace

So to the people saying that most of the playerbase is on xbox and there’s no proof the game is losing tons of players on xbox as well

There you go its now the 24th

On the topic of the top free games section of the marketplace multiversus is in the number 1 spot which imo is deserved as its a extremely fun fighting game with rollback netcode highly recommend playing it


it’s so obvious that it’s losing a lot of players, how can anybody deny it?


Something about the last few weeks has really run people off. I think a whole lot of people drop it after they complete the battle pass

I’m a Wonder Woman main right now, the game is fun


I’m in that boat. Halfway through the 1st pass (got my Recon helmet! :slight_smile: ) now I just kinda want to get Noble Executioner paint and then I can stop playing

What did you expect to happen? game was DOA in my opinion, now its just a cleanup job.


Don’t look at me i stopped defending infinite after that season 2 roadmap as i saw the writing on the wall


Wow, i just had to get my daily dose of depression here and thats unbelievable.


Just launch the store app on your Xbox and go to the top free games section

I feel like trying to grab a link will bring up the pc version of the marketplace


I think at this point, even with Forge, it’s never going to go back to the place it was at before it all fell apart. Guess that’s what happens when money is given priority over enjoyment of the playerbase…


That’s why I’m on the boat of they should release the forge beta now as from what I’ve seen it looks great and could convince some people to stick around

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Not just release forge, but better store pricing, more earn-able rewards, connectivity fixes, and better demonstration of good-will to the players.

This game feels like an absolute PRODUCT. The older games felt like a passion project. This feels like a passion project that got gutted. The potential is there… if they’d get out of their own way.


Some of that will take some time(mainly better connectivity) unlike the forge beta(ie they basically have a working forge beta already set up with the co op test build)


One of the biggest issues is that so much of the ‘earnable content’ has been fomo’d and attached to timed events. With how little content is actually in the game, it seems very bizarre to throw out so much cosmetic content. It would make sense to have stuff still be earnable

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Say what you want….or keep quite 343
When Power washer Simulator has more players than Halo Infinite……We’ll you know the rest !


well there are definitely examples of games that have rebounded, R6: Siege is most obvious example, you could even look at Apex or Fortnite (though Fortnite was a dumb luck thing) so Infinite 1000% has the potential to rebound.

I think it would take a seriously impressive season to boost it into top 5 and for it to stick around top 10 for the entirety of a season. It needs content bruh, and no not just dev maps, it needs tons of features, modes, and fixes to reach its potential. We’re getting Co-op this month from what I’ve heard, Season 3 will drop Forge mode, I think season 3 will be extremely important as it’ll like feature a lot more content then this season has. Other possibilities like the BR mode, Campaign DLC, PvE modes… It absolutely can rebound, its a matter of how long it will take 343i to bring it up to where it should be.

Going off your title,

Infinite is not a true f2p game, It’s f2p MP only, and I don’t know why it’s even labeled as one in the first place or any game that sells content. It’s actually stupid to even call infinite one knowing Warframe is what a true f2p game is in spite of anyone’s opinion about liking it or not.

As far as the player base dropping off, it was expected. Mainly because everything about a game 343 went about it the wrong way and didn’t even really offer any decent content, but they sure as hell expect player to buy from the useless shop.

This is just bad business, period.


Happy Birthday
Is there an ETA on the new gametype that 343 is not making?
Forget the name of the company
If you had forge, coop, the new gametype, and a pve teaser all at the same time, with a detailed new progression system, cross core, custom game browser and much much lower store prices, this game would rebound. Dunno how much
Fix watchdog too, lol
Be able to pick your server too.
I could go on and on, but with the aforementioned changes and additions,
Forgot desync and a report button for cheaters.
But you get me, right?
Would bump into the top 10 again


Depending if things were working smoothly or not, and right now 343 is struggling with just the basics. That’s really bad for todays gaming.

Oh, and think you.

Their target date for forge is next month. I know with 343 you can never trust their word but im hopeful it releases next month. I think they should release it now like others have said.

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