Halo Infinite DLC Vehicles Wishlist

Hi this a wishlist of Vehicles I would like to see in future DLC. Especially For campaign and Multiplayer if it can be balanced.


•Flame Warthog


•Banished Scarab

Your list is really ambitious and, sorry to say, largely unrealistic unfortunately.

Some basics I’d like:

  • Gauss Hog
  • Falcon
  • Revenant
  • Spectre or Prowler
  • Mantis
  • Not the Wasp or Phaeton
  • Never the Wasp or Phaeton

Wasps already in so…yeah, NSL there.

  • Remove Wasp
  • Memory wipe the Wasp from populous
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So they can replace it with the Hornet that kinda does basically the same thing, but lets you carry passangers?


True. I feel like the Wasp has more armor . I think thy can both coexist in Campaign where you have 1-2 wasps accompanied by 6-7 Hornets vs Banished Air Craft. Hopefully we can see some of the larger Air Crafts mentioned above. As for multiplayer it’s one or the other.

Needle hog plz

(Filler text)

Here’s my wishlist:

*Gauss Warthog

*Banished Scarab
*Banished Seraph
*Banished Spirit
*Banished Lich

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Yeah. Teamwork.

Bottom text

VR dlc for banshee and wasp that uses mark VI mjolnir VR helmet xbox accessory

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Gauss Hog and Falcon

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