Halo Infinite DLC Content Discussion

What Halo infinite needs so here are things that I think would improve HaloI weapon skins vehicle skins and being able to use your customizable Spartan in campaign this would add replay value to the campaign at least for me I know it probably would not for everyone but it works for me. More skulls which I think will happen when DLC for the campaign comes out I mean there’s so many more skulls that they can put in the game I myself have a long list I would put in the game some are brand new and some are improvements to skulls that already exists I would list them here but I’ve done that before and no one’s ever given me any feedback on them don’t know why though if anyone knows why I may not be getting feedback on them let me know. New vehicles and weapons for multiplayer and campaign which I think will also happen eventually the shotgun the old shotgun should return especially in multiplayer it was the human counter to the sword and if the flood return we definitely need the old shotgun I don’t mean the one from Halo 5 I’m talking about the one from Halo CE the one that can hold 12 rounds and you could carrying 60 extra for. New equipment to use which I think will also eventually happened when they add new areas.

That’s all I can think of for now I would like to hear your feedback on this

I think DLCs should be side campaigns like a flood horror side story, or ODST 2. Otherwise all content should follow Master Chief, or a character related to Master Chief directly (like Locke in Halo 5). Otherwise it should be DLC. Maybe they could add remasters into Halo Infinite like Halo 3 or Halo Reach. I would love to play Halo Reach in the Halo Infinite sandbox