Halo Infinite disappoints. 343 need help

The delay of the coop and the forge and having a roadmap until we know when has been a disappointment. I’ve been waiting for a Halo for this for many years. For the first time I have uninstalled it, hoping they will fix it. The game has many bugs and before continuing you have to fix them. Out of respect I tell you that you need help from other studios. You can’t do it alone and you have shown that you are not up to the task of this great saga. The Xbox symbol deserves the best and is dying.

I do not want that and I am very sad, it is a great disappointment but there is hope if you ask for help. There are many failures but the ideas are good, other Xbox studios could help you more actively or relieve you of making Halo. Gentlemen of 343 you have done positive things, but this is already unsustainable and as a fan I leave my spartan helmet in storage until they fix it. There is nothing that encourages me to continue playing it and I want to continue with Halo. If you don’t listen to the constructive criticism and believe the big press releases, Halo will die.

I hope Phil Spencer reads this. It is unsustainable. I’m sad because I’m passionate about Halo and the fans don’t deserve a broken, incomplete game that they don’t fix and you don’t even know when they’re going to fix it.


Unfortunately they don’t care…this game is a cash grab just like all the games 343 makes. Unless they bring out a BR this game will die…soon.


A Battle Royale won’t save infinite. It just has a general lack of content. If this game dropped with all the standard halo gamemodes and content like we were expecting, (forge, Co op, multiple ranked playlists, party game modes like infection and rocket race, more maps, etc), this game wouldve been much more well received. IMO, it has nothing to do with a BR. Its everything else.


I don’t think what Infinite lacks in comparison to other Halos is the most important, what matters is how it compares to other games on the market. Infinite is simply nowhere near good enough by today’s standards. Launch was 343i’s golden opportunity to give millions of new players a chance to enjoy a great game, but really most have already left for Apex or for Fortnite and so on.

It has been speculated that CA are working on something behind the scenes (hopefully a BR mode, but who knows) but in reality I cannot imagine MS wanting to throw too much money at the problem. I think Infinite will continue to decline (population wise) for a very long time, and unless they do something big to impress people it’ll just die in a few years.

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I do agree to an extent. Definitely don’t want a carbon copy of the classic halos. A battle Royale would be a fresh twist on halo that I think would likely be well received. But if infinite was nothing but a pure BR game, it would likely still not be as popular as apex or warzone. It needs the staples of halo. Not just become a warzone clone. A BR alone is not as good as having all the traditional halo content.

A few year. It’s dead now. Look at the engagement numbers on the web. The game just is not popular and its all 343/MS fault. They made a half baked game and are getting half baked results

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