Halo Infinite deserves better maps

Map design is one of the best things about the Halo franchise.
I personally only enjoy 2 maps from Halo Infinite so far. (Bohemoth & Fragmentation) Every other map reminds me alot of H5’s strange labyrinth style maps.
All opinions aside, Forge should have been available at launch while we could have all easily waited for Battle Pass cosmetics to kick in at a later date. I wish we could go back to the days of Halo where gameplay was the most important.


Behemoth and Fragmentation aren’t even goods maps.

Behemoth is just a scrub map “oh wow we can use a Wraith on a 4v4 map, sooo kewl”
Fragmentation is so divided/seperated that vehicle play sucks, and you almost never get into a battle with more than 1 or 2 people.

The problem I have with people, isn’t that they are wrong or that they don’t know what they are talking about, its that they never do anything to try and understand why they dislike/like something. This isn’t important for an argument, but its important for general use in life because otherwise you never really understand yourself.

Why do you love a woman/man? Why do you like a certain food? why do you like a certain type of vehicle? Again, useful stuff to actually know outside of gaming.


I like the maps, guess my onl gripe would be vehicles on launch site are a bit too awkward. And more maps would be nice

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Some subjective hot takes on the forums again :smiley:

The vehicle play is fine if you know how to maneuver and you can’t overly dominate with the Wasp and Banshee in those spaces, so ground threats are actually dangerous. Hell grapples are a major concern if you don’t watch your altitude.
There’s also a lot of nuance in how it’s 3 lanes without actually being 3 lanes. You can split your firefights up and squad based combat actually thrives in these areas…

Do me a favor, go outside please. This is a subforum for a Halo game, not some BS YouTube video about self help. Don’t gaslight the car boy plz haha.


I will have to disagree. Maps are good, I like how they go outside the box and add verticality and very different layouts. Every map feels different, and that’s a good thing


I prefer behemoth and aquarius. They feel the most symmetrical. But streets just feels like that awful plaza/cod map from Halo 5 and I just can’t deal with it. I don’t like the maze map design and I think it actually contradicts the gameplay. There’s a reason the older maps are roughly just decent sized circles/rings and so on. It caters to the gameplay that there aren’t a lot of “Side streets” on traditional Halo maps. It doesn’t really work in a shielded environment. And the scrambled engagements are proof of this.


You could’ve asked them to expound on it, I guess?


Behemoth isn’t really my favorite, it’s a lot of long distance fighting and I’m more of a close quarters kind of person. Fragmentation is ok in my opinion, not my favorite, not my least favorite. Currently I think my favorite map is Launch Site, Bazaar, Streets, and Aquarius.

That being said, I hope we get more maps soon because the current pool can get stale awful quick and I think we need more big maps with more variety for the BTB playlist.

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I personally like the maps, except highpower in btb which has unbalanced weapon and vehicle spawns

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I like fragmentation becuase it’s the only symmetrical BTB map that can be played ​with all of the gametypes. I actually know exactly why I don’t like or like each map…

I don’t agree with this. Its insanely boring for CTF/Slayer, its fun for Stockpile/Control though.

Deadlock is best BTB map in Infinite, drastically more fun map in my opinion.

Edit: I like aggressive/intense fights, I hate slow and boring modes/maps. That is my basis.

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Yeah, I understand where you’re coming from there for sure. I personally don’t think Deadlock works in the Halo Infinite sandbox or at least how objective works in the mix so far. It feels very unbalanced to me but I suppose slayer isn’t too bad. I prefer either strictly symmetrical BTB maps or strictly 1 sided BTB maps.

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You know the game hasn’t launched yet, right?

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I like the maps too, but I don’t feel they’re enough of them. Having a forge system could help with that.

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according to 343i, this will be the content at launch. Beta excuse unfortunately doesn’t hold up.

They’ll definitely have more playlists/gametypes though, that much I am certain of.


OP is right. Most of these maps are visually boring and don’t really draw much inspiration from the fantastic worlds of Halo.

I’m mean sure they’re playable. But, they’re not going to get anybody excited about Halo.

You’re only going to think these maps are good if you’re a sweat that’s drenched in sweat and you only want to be sweaty.

Imo Behemoth is the only map that really says “Halo”, and it’s the only one that isn’t claustrophobic. Of course somebody above maligned it for having a vehicle on it.

One of the problems with play lists here is that there is no social list. Social is the new ranked and ranked is the new MLG. Jeez, Makes me wonder what their MLG list will be like if they come out with one!!

I’m enjoying the game, but so much sweat, the game is drowning in the stuff!

Good grief, let Halo come up for some air!

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Yeah I really wish they’d started doing tech previews long before and been transparent about the maps and modes available at launch. Right now there’s far fewer game modes and less maps in this than there were in Halo: CE, which is just baffling to me. 20 years later and you’ve downgraded the content of the game? Why?

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