Halo Infinite Customization

Halo Infinite customization issues.

Customization has always been the key component to any halo game past CE.

I could care less about progression time and glitches, I understand that takes time to adjust until it feels balanced.

My number one concern is the limited customization.

First off: all colors should be unlocked… you shouldn’t have to play for an extended period of time to make your Spartan more than one primary color like wtf?

At least give us primary and secondary. And then make the multicolored skins (or designs like camo) unlock-able.

Second: the colors/visor colors/armor/helmets are locked to a core now? That’s ridiculous.

This doesn’t affect their income in anyway but limit the possibilities of customization freedom of players. It forces 70% of players to basically look the same until they play for six months.

The less limits/boundaries you place on customization, the more possibilities their are for uniqueness and personalization among players.

You should be able to mix Reach armor with Halo 5 Spartan core and vise versa…

And third: 95% of the armor should not be behind a paywall. Even Fortnite and every other game out right now gives you a decent amount of customization with the base game.

Halo 5 had 96 unique armor sets all free to unlock through playing… That’s not including the different versions and skins of each armor type which puts it well above 200 sets.

P.S. (not cosmetic related): The weapons are god awful. The so called power weapons are almost all trash. I get wayyyyy more kills with just a BR than any of the other trash guns. (Except the rocket, sniper, and sword that hasn’t changed)


Yeah the customisation is really odd.

I find it quite confusing to find what I have unlocked so I end up going into everything to see if I can equip something.

I think the rewards are really poor, I play 20 ranked games, get a level on the bp and I am rewarded with a bag I can stick to my arm. Really disappointed with the BP. I don’t think I will buy it again.

I absolutely love the game play though, would have rather paid £50 for the game and got everything unlocked.

Oh well, guess we can just wait and see if things get better.