Halo Infinite customization suggestion

So I know there is much dislike for the new customization in Infinite, but the something they really need to take into consideration for their new coating system that they seemed to be needed is how it effects long time players who suffer from severe color vision like myself XD.

I have always ran primary black and secondary orange for years because they are some of the few colors i can distinguish lol (besides being two of my favorites colors of the few seeible to me XD) but with the new coating system i couldnt tell you what all colors are in a coating pallete if my life depended on it and have to embarrassingly ask people what colors are on the spartan model after selecting one lmaooooo.

Now before anyone comes at me with use colorblind assist… my color vision is so bad that grass is orange XDXDXD literally red brown and dark green all the same, certain yellows and light greens are orange, and blues pinks and purples are also the same even mix up black and purple sometime :’) so if they could at least put a description thingnon each coating with the colors that are in it that would be much appreciated, or…you know…listen to the community in general and change it to our liking since we do buy their product :’)

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Wow, you’re right, this is such a huge Accessibility oversight, which colorblindness do you have if you know and dont mind me asking?