Halo Infinite Customization and BattlePass

Hello everyone!
I had a question, is there any other way to acquire credits in Halo: Infinite rather than buying them?
I recently passed level 2 of the battlepass but haven’t unlocked anything. Do I need to get the premium battlepass? If so, then I guess I won’t be changing anything but the color of my spartan.
Any thoughts?

There is currently no way to earn credits in game.
The free battle pass is extremely limited in its free content given. If you want more cosmetics, you’d need the premium pass or to just buy them from the store.

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343 has finally made a great Halo game, yet it doesn’t have good customization? So basically whenever I level up, I earn nothing. great.
Hope they release an update sometime soon.


I can feel the disappointment through this text lol

A lot of people feel the same way, myself included. It’s crazy how you could give 343 a template to copy and they’d find some way to do it wrong.

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