Halo Infinite customization/acquisition system doesn't work

I think Halo 5 had the best method to acquire new aesthetic items. It was kinda democratic since you were given free in game money but at the same time you could buy packs with real money to customize your Spartan. If you were lucky and patient enough you could unlock a legendary armour while playing and by opening free packs whereas if you were a collector person or you didn’t want to grind you could simply buy packs. I think that if they add the pack system that Halo 5 had they would resolve almost every problem. Customization is one of the best part of Halo and that’s really lame to lock it behind a paywall… I think that people could get tired without it. As far as I’m concerned, I would have preferred to buy a complete 60 dollars game than a free to play where I can’t unlock anything without paying. That’s not Halo!
Ancients said: “In medio stat Virtus”, so ok to pay content but they should work a lot more on free ones! To conclude, the pack and lottery system to me was the best and I really hope they will reintroduce it

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