Halo infinite customisation

Now I really like the halo infinite multiplayer however I think customisation could use some work specifically the armour coating now I actually quite like them however it would be better if they had a colour wheel when you clicked on them then you’d get rid of the issue of you (the player) to find your colour combination for your armour coating because some people have used the same colour combination for every halo game and somtimes there is a reason or maybe there is some head canon for there spartan character or maybe it’s the player’s favourite colour combination but my point is maybe add a colour wheel I’m not angree it’s not there but I think it would save us (the players) alot of time and it’s also much better for organisation purposes


Yes, just give us a system where we select the colors or just the 2 color system we had and 343 sells us coatings that have unique textures, patterns, or colors we normally can’t get wkth the 2 color system we had. It’d be a win-win for everyone


I’d almost be willing to bet that we’ll get customizable coatings at some point. Maybe something to the effect of how the emblems work or something more in-depth like passed Halo titles. A primary-secondary system is welcomed no matter what.

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