Halo Infinite Custom Spartan In Campaign and other IDEAS

-Now I know its supposed to be Chief’s story but I would really like it if we would be able to play as OUR SPARTAN in the campaign and any other future campaigns in Infinite {as an additional feature}. For me it would increase replay ability because its my Spartan. {Make it a skull or mode}

-Also I would like to see Assassinations, Dual Wielding, campaign checkpoints, Cross core customization
-Also the Grenadier shoulder on Jorge is not textured, his wrist piece should be the same color as him
-343 you could put a bit more effort into Noble team {please} Ex; the white details to make the kits be different
-Where are the Commando, Grenadier and Emile’s shoulder armor go, they were in the bundles that were leaked, but they haven’t been seen, and those are like the community favorites where are they??

-Now 343 I love your game, you’ve done a excellent job with Halo Infinite these are just some of the things I would like to see added and changed.
Happy holidays!


The custom Spartans would be great for co-op partners. So p1 is Master chief and p2-p4 all bring in their custom Spartans.


I am really hoping that this is implemented. Also, I know it would never happen but it would be funny (and probably more story appropriate) to be able to play as marines alongside the chief. No upgradable equipment, prone to fall damage, small, much more easily killed, but re-spawn without reverting to checkpoint. Would be a hilarious way too bring back the looping, beta grenade throws from ODST.

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