Halo infinite cross-play on ranked

I really think for the people playing on console you should turn off cross-play especially for ranked I’m sitting here grinding trying to get a higher rank but I keep on getting screwed by computer players you guys are really messing up rent games matter whenever you’re comparing it console the PC if you don’t fix this your game is going to lose interest

Doubt it

Already is.

I play both and definitely have an advantage as xbox controller player. the aim assist is OP. You just aren’t as good as you think you are and need an excuse to secure your ego. PC players are not preventing your advancement. Your skill is.

Maybe you’re just an -Yoink!- M&K player…ever think about that with your know it all self.

sounds like another controller player that needs an excuse to justify getting wrecked by better players. Blame it on KBM all you want if it soothes your broken ego. Play controller only ranked and let me know if your rank improves.

I would also like to point out that the top 10 crossplay ranked players are all controller players. not a single player in the top 10 is KBM. So no, KBM does not have an advantage.