Halo Infinite Critical Analysis: Melee Damage

I have been doing some testing in order to see just how much of a melee bonus each weapon has, and found some interesting things. This is only relevant post-update where they reduced melee damage across the board.

I made a video to back up the discussion, but basically all non-bladed weapons do a flat 141 damage, regardless of shields/health status.

The majority of bladed weapons (specifically the Ravager, Mangler, Disruptor, and Skewer) all do 157 damage. The Shock Rifle is the only weapon that does 159 damage.

The Hammer’s non-power melee does the most of any weapon that doesn’t just flat out kill you, at 175. The power attack does a huge amount of damage that goes beyond 229 (the base health and shield points combined on a normal spartan). The sword is the same way, and does at least 229 damage.

In the next step in the analysis I will see just how much damage these weapons do by adding overshields into the mix.

Here is the video of the testing for reference:

Next I plan on testing the melee speed of each weapon (some are obvious, like pistols being faster than heavy weapons), as well as test the campaign specific weapons to see if any have special values.


While this is very interesting work, melee damage in actual matchmaking is completely reliant on server connection and desync levels. So I would say these numbers vary greatly in matchmaking. Even if they are the intended numbers.


my critical analysis of melee damage is that it is very inconsistent in every area you assess. Melee lunge, melee lunge range, melee registering are all wildly different in any given encounter.

There’s also strange anomaly such as walking through an opponents body when going for a melee. There was a drop pod Qol update that addressed this. It does occur a lot LESS frequently now. But still happens. ( I play regularly)
Perhaps the worst anomaly that’s been plaguing Halo since H5 is the blank melee. Personally, I think it’s now occuring more often in multiplayer now than it ever did in H5. Blank melees were common in H5.

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Melee in this game is so wildly inconsistent. I used to rely on it heavily in the beginning but now i cannot. I wish the hit detection on it was equal for all. It does not feel that way, i experience some wild inconsistencies vs. other players.

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Does momentum not modify melee damages?

It does not appear to, although I haven’t finished my testing on that part.

Also for the people talking about inconsistency, that’s desync. The damage is a flat number, it doesn’t vary from game to game. What’s happening is people aren’t doing as much damage with their shots as they think because some bullets aren’t connecting on bad servers.

That also causes melee whiffs where the game lies to you about where someone is when you try to punch them.

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