Halo Infinite Crashing

So game crashes everytime i launch into a match, i can launch it but when I attempt to find a match the game loads and crashes. Dont know if has to do with my amd gpu. i have a 6800 xt and the driver is updated to 21.9.1. Is anyone else experiencing this?

I’m having somewhat of a similar problem. Except whenever I try loading into the main menu after starting it up, it just immediately crashes. Didn’t have this issue last night. I have a Nvidia gpu, GTX 1660 Super.

So good news it seems to only happen to the first playlist option, the second and third seems to work but will occasionally size up. Im tempted to downgrade my driver to see if there is an improvement or not. AMD has been known to always have driver problems. Graphic wise all my settings are high and FPS is fluid with no drop. Bad news is im butt at the game and keep trying to use thrusters XD

You’ll get better with time I’m sure, I’m complete doo doo at this game too, and I haven’t even done PVP yet because I suck in actual multiplayer with randos and I don’t like playing online multiplayer alone XD. I used to have an AMD GPU and I agree that it’s likely just the drivers, however, it could also just be the game needing quite a bit of work still… Like I’m getting graphical glitches with some textures clipping on maps and or shadows freaking out, Bazaar being the best example for the shadow graphical glitch. I do hope you’ll be able to enjoy it for what it is though and that maybe going back to a previous driver will help. Must be quite nice to play smoothly and on high settings (settings are on medium/low, and fps doesn’t feel very consistent, better than what I expected but not great. Hopefully more optimizations will be implemented to make the game run even more smoothly for players like you with better hardware and for people like me with low to mid range hardware). I wish you well on your gaming :3