Halo infinite crashing on Xbox series x

Anyone else having this issue? Halo Infinite crashing and sending you to dashboard? It has even turned my Xbox off but mainly sends me to dashboard. I have tried everything that includes Power cycling the Xbox, clearing the cash, reinstalling the game, factory resetting my Xbox by deleting apps and games. My Xbox series X is brand new and has plenty of room for airflow. And it’s not overheating. This issue has happened before but has been happening more often with the mid season update. I can’t even play a few games of ranked multiplayer without it crashing… I play on a monitor that supports the Xbox settings on 1440p on 120hz. On the performance mode on the game and don’t see how this could be the issue. Have even tried setting the resolution to 1080P and have the same issues with crashing…

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just once in december. didn’t found out why or how it fix

Give this a shot!