Halo Infinite Cosmetics

This is how Halo Infinite should have handled the cosmetics.

Mark VII and all its armor parts should have been buyable through in-game credits which you earn after each match. The number of credits earned after each game should also be based on whether you’ve won or lost the match, how well you did during the match etc. With every season they should add more items to said store so that players would have more choices. The items added should be in line with the lore and style with that season pass. Having more premium armor such as the Zvezda Armor be available in the premium store would be a great balance between paid and free content.

Each season pass has its own armor core, and the premium season pass should build up around that specific core and lore. The free season pass rewards should reward players every few levels with parts that works on Mark VII only. These freebies will be in line with the lore and style of that season pass.

Event related core and parts should be free if it is showcased in the trailer. Then releasing armor that wasn’t showed in the trailers in the store would be a good idea such as the Chonmage Armor.

All of this is my own opinion of how they should have handled the cosmetics. I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

I like the idea of having one armour set be the free armour and players being able to unlock stuff for that armour for free through playing.

Then Fracture events give out the Core only. Then you can buy additional stuff (sort of how it is now).