Halo Infinite Coop Campaign Implementation

Hi everyone,

As we all know coop campaign for infinite is coming, and they’ve already said its workable already.
I was just thinking that this would be an amazing opportunity to add more to the campaign and mode itself along side coop being put in.
Firstly I don’t mean a brand new campaign or significant changes. I’m thinking more along the lines of more smaller additions or events / activities in the open world aspect, separate from the story missions.

So you will have your typical coop, that’s a given, up to 4 player (or more if they wish it I suppose) but introduces little additions to add to the sandbox fun in the open world aspect;

  • Falcons and Hornets (Perfect for flyable coop vehicles, I think a flyable pelican would be amazing but wishful thinking at this point)
  • Flight battles with anti air turrets
  • A banished scarab fight
  • Defend the FOB’s activities

This is merely an idea to coincide with the coop release. and to some it might come across “too destiny”, which isn’t horribly in my mind. I just thought with the wait I’d still be happy with just a coop release but still an opportunity to add more to it than there currently is. There are bigger potential ideas too but I’m trying to keep it to realistic expectations.
Like I’d love a guardian boss fight in some campaign DLC but yeah I don’t think that will ever happen haha