Halo Infinite Constructive criticism

Hello fellow Halo fans (and hopefully some developers) I’m starting this forum for anyone who wasn’t given a survey for the Halo Infinite tech preview to voice any concerns, ideas, or constructive criticism for what we’ve experienced from Halo Infinite so far. I personally enjoyed a lot of what I got to play and to be honest I haven’t enjoyed Halo as much as I did playing Infinite for over a decade now. But that doesn’t mean it was perfect. I think there are plenty of places to improve and expand upon what we’ve seen so far. I look forward to seeing what people have to say!

My List of Issues

This first one is kind of a personal preference but I know I’m not alone with this. I really dislike the sound design for the weapons (and the warthog assuming it still sounds the way it did at the gameplay reveal last year) I think 343 did an amazing job at finally nailing what Halo looks like artistically however the gun sounds seem generic. Most prevalently with guns like the Needler, Battle Rifle, Plasma Pistol and Gravity Hammer. Those four weapons in particular had extremely Iconic and specific sounds to them that are non existent now. There’s actually an old video from the development of the first Halo Wars game where they mentioned how important nailing the sounds from halo was to them. The warthog for example has a very recognizable sound to it in all of the original games but since Halo 4 it’s been gone. This isn’t a game ruining issue for me but it’s just one of those things that would make so many people so happy without being an issue for new players or people who don’t care as much.

I promise my other issue won’t be as long as that one though lol.

The respawn time is too long. I’d suggest lowering it from 8 seconds to 5.

The bots have a grenade spam problem, 99% of the time a bot killed me it was because of grenade spam.

The AI announcer selection doesn’t have previews so you can’t know what your AI will sound like until you’re in game.

The radar is way too small. I can usually stay focused on the game and my radar pretty much simultaneously but in Infinite I could only look at the radar or what was in front of me at any given time.

You can’t cycle through the scoreboard to mute people. It’s actually an issue on MCC too (At least on halo 4 I’m not sure about other game on MCC)

You can’t view customization from the search for game screen you have to back all the way out to the main menu screen to get to it. You also can’t turn your Spartan in the screen where you can attach prosthetic limbs which prevents you from getting a good look at your Spartan.

Im not sure if my teammates or the enemy bots just took them literally every time I died but it seems like weapons and equipment despawn too quick.

The Gravity hammer seems a little too underpowered. I’d find myself dying from gunfire or being punched mid swing all the time. I get it has a massive hit radius but without the lunge it’s way to easy to just kill someone who has it.

There needs to be more supportive equipment like power drain, bubble shield and healing rift. Also over shield should not be allowed to be stored and used whenever that’s just armor lock with extra steps.

My final issue was the maps. It may just be the 3 maps we got but I hope there’s more unique and interesting maps that aren’t just boxes. Give us some more interesting settings for maps like halo rings, ships, forerunner facilities, cities, forests, deserts, tundras. Not every map should be a UNSC training facility or just a box with a pretty background. And bring back some fan favorites. I’d love to see maps like Sandtrap, Forge World, Zanzibar, And just about any of the crazy massive maps from Halo CE

These may seem like a lot of complaints but I genuinely did love a lot of what Infinites tech demo had to offer. I think we’re on the verge of a new era for Halo, one which hopefully can bring it back to its rightful place on the top of the gaming scene. Thank you 343 and thank you to the fans who have stuck by this franchise threw thick and thin.

P.S ignore any bad grammar or spelling I need to go to sleep lol.

A couple things that crossed my mind while playing the preview:

The outlines of players is distracting and obstructs the custom armors/colors they’re trying to showcase as a feature in multiplayer. It just makes more sense to me that in team playlists that each team wears the same color. I’m all for armor customization and I like that it’s so detailed, but I feel that the glowing aura kinda takes away from it. I hope that they at least include a toggle option for players that prefer red vs blue.

Second, the pistol in this game makes me sad. I’ve become accustomed to using the pistol as my primary weapon of choice, but it is so weak in Infinite that I’m not sure it could be a viable option. Even with perfect aim, it requires a reload in between kills. I may have the unpopular opinion here, but I would definitely like to see it return to a 5-shot “perfect”

Here’s what was on my mind (and I wanted to tell them) at the end of the flight:

Overall I had a great time with the flight and lots of fun. The bots are pretty good but at time they can be outright stupid or predictable. For instance, when you’re fighting a bot and you go around a corner/ lose sight the bot just advaces to where it last saw you and then walks away. It would be nice it they advanced more into an area to try and find you.

The outline system really isn’t doing it for me. The default outline colors are red for foes and blue for friendlies. With those default colors, it is hard to differentiate between friend and foe, especially when every single bot is blue. It think the default color for friendly should be something other than blue, if they have to go with outlines. That being said, I don’t like the outline system and think it should go. We should just have pronounced waypoints over player’s heads (like every Halo before) that show the player’s gamertag. The colors of said waypoints could be configured. Regardless, I think there at least needs to be waypoints for friendlies. I could never tell who’s who and where my friends were.

There needs to be a more pronounced HUD indicator for when you can use the grapple hook. A tiny x in the center of the screen does not cut it. Overall, I think the HUD needs a bit of a redesign. In every single Halo since Halo 2 you could tell which grenade you had selected (in your peripheral vision) without taking your attention off of what’s going on. You could also tell which type of grenades you had in inventory and how many without needing to cycle between them. In Infinite, the grenade types need to be spread out again like they were once before, instead of being one small indicator cluttered in the corner of the screen with other crap.

The AI voice and spartan chatter is really annoying. Half of the time the AI is saying things I don’t care to hear (announcing when I use the grapple hook) or the AI is saying completely redundant crap (announcing when I pick up a weapon). I would like an option to slim down what the AI comments on and an option to completely disable it.

The movement in the game feels pretty good and I am alright with it. I do have an idea just to put out there. Increase the base movement speed to be the average of the current base movement speed and the sprint speed, then remove sprint. Revert the motion tracker to how it was beforehand where you would show if you were moving too quickly.

I don’t think all weapons need smart link or ADS. For instance, the AR should not have this.

Some of the weapon drills don’t really accurately train you on some of the weapons. For instance, with the bulldog in some sessions, the bots are at distances that are too far away from where you would realistically use that weapon. They also don’t teach you about how to advance on a player with such a weapon. I think there’s some tweaking and more that should be added to the weapon drills.

I’m not a fan of the sound design. I think some of the maps could afford to have more ambient sounds, like wind for instance. Overall the sound design (in particular, with the human weapons) is pretty flat. Halo always used to have pretty distinct weapon sounds but for the most part in Infinite the human weapons just sound like bum bum bum or tap tap tap. It would be nice to have more breadth with the sounds.

The intro/ outro sequences for the game are too long. It’s ironic- they stopped having map voting since MCC because people wanted to get into games faster, yet in Infinite they junk up the start of the matches with minute long cutscenes. I don’t need to hear two verses of the same song after a match. If you want to have the pan through of the map and spartan podium then do this: Have like 3 or 5 camera angles to pan through the map with (do this ONLY once), when you get to the podium, don’t go player by player. Have all players appear with their names and do their poses at once. Then start the match for crying out loud.

The UI needs a bit of work. Generally, it’s okay but there’s some areas that aren’t very user friendly. I had a bit of trouble with the customization UI. I found it hard to figure out where to go to customize your player and how. I figured out how to change your armor coating and add robot arms but not much more. This needs to be made clearer. I also don’t like how things are burried in the UI, specifically the option to mute players. There should be an option to mute people (and everyone) right from the scoreboard. Right now I have to open the scoreboard to find out who’s blabbing, then open the pause menu, press a button to open another screen (and wait for it to load), select the annoying player to bring up their options, then scroll down and select “mute”. You really need to look at the depth of menus and steps and ask is there a way to cut down the number of button presses and screens it takes to get to this one thing? This should be as easy as open the scoreboard > find the player > press a button.

I don’t like how you could only progress through the battlepass by earning challenges. I think progress also needs to be awarded for performing in matches (as in getting kills, playing objectives, etc).