halo infinite color customization

I don’t really know if I’m the first to open a topic in this place on this subject,

But I had an idea, I really don’t know how possible it would be to implement it, and I feel that it wouldn’t be a priority either They are only colors, with cosmetics that do not affect the gameplay, and I think it is much better than they are monetizing to unlock weapons or maps like others games.

we have to be realistic, halo infinite as far as I understand it is a free to play game they have to monetize the game,
Due to the little information and that the game has not yet come out, this is all a shot in the dark.

Personally, I do not like the fact that the game has to be monetized, I would prefer that with paying once the complete game that is
*I think I have understood that the colors in armore coating are part of the texture, so in order to change the colors, they had to redo the textures,

I think the easiest way to solve this is to add a default armore coating one that you can customize the colors being restricted to that one,
the texture did not change, similar to previous games
It would be nice if the next armore coatings could change the colors as in the “default” and that what was sold was the pattern of colors and materials that this was the unique of the coatings, some materials may not be modifiable like rusty metal or purple covenant armor…i dont know, I don’t even know how to draw well

I’m not a developer … or I don’t know anything about tetures design but I wanted to share this vague idea, will surely die forgotten this post
but it would be nice to hear more opinions and ideas that weren’t just destructive criticism: “343 bad-bungie good, halo is death”…ect, ect, ect…

this of the colors is something that we do not like, and instead of looking for a way to burn it all, should we look for a way to fix it?

(I would like to hear your opinions, and sorry if English is something bad)
(me gustaria el escuchar sus opiniones, y perdón si el ingles es algo malito,)

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> I don’t really know if I’m the first to open a topic in this place on this subject,

You can use the existing thread to discuss it constructively