Halo Infinite Codex/ Ingame WIki

Hi Community, Hi 343,

for a long time I had this in my head and it makes so much sense to me to add it to Halo Infinite somewhere down the line with new Campaign Content. I am speaking of a codex as a sort of ingame wiki for the most important things considering the Halo Universe. It would help new players understand the universe much better and would flesh out new stuff for the old fans even more. It could be done somewhat like in the original Mass Effect Trilogy. You separate between main and side articles and the main articles have a voice over version. I could see many possibilities for Halo Characters to read it. It could be read by 343 Guiltyspark oder Cortana and so on. The main articles could involve the most important species, places, ships and conflicts, while side articles could involve certain weapons or less important characters and so forth. You could even go so far to give the players only the most important articles in the beginning and as they explore more of the world they will get more. For ease of use you could link it to the audiologs and their locations at first. It sure is a lot of work, but one could work with the Halo wiki and some of the community members active there to write all the articles. It just makes sense to me and hope 343 considers this in the future.

Greetings from Germany


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They did something similar in Halo CEA as they had a sort of museum when you scanned enemies and vehicles etc. If they did that but expanded it a lot more it could be fantastic. But, I’d rather them fix the game and other content before this.

Sure, fixes first.
I don’t remember the HCEA Scan, but I know there was a timeline in Halo Wars 1, that kind of went in that direction.

Yes, I think it could use something like a Mass Effect style codex.