Halo infinite coatings should work on all cores

When I bought one of the e-sports coatings, I felt scammed because I cant equip it on my reach spartan which I mostly play as because most of the season 1 unlocks are for the reach amour core. You also have to equip the armour coating FROM the store and you cant change the visor colour when the e-sports coating is equipped!


Restricting visors & coatings to certain cores makes little sense to me, the restriction seems to exists solely to sell you the same thing again down the line.


I agree, they definitely should.

Kits are silly.

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2 things in that regard. First I think items from kits should be able to be used individually.
Second coatings should be revamped and divided into 3 items, a pattern, a primary color, and a secondary color

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My thoughts exactly. I payed nearly 10 euro for the coating. I have payed enough!

Frankly if items from kits and in the shop were more affordable and sold with a non bundle option I would be encouraged to buy things from it. As it stands I don’t have the budget for large bundles.

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I have the budget. Am I gonna spend it though?, no. If they would just lower the prices to 3 or 4 euro for coatings and allow us to put them on all cores. Everyone would buy them and therefore make up for the price reduction!

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