Halo infinite Coating system is not disappointing!

Hello everyone,
A lot of people are angry about it, of course for myself I wasn’t happy at the first place either…
But thinking now and convincing myself as well that it is actually not a bad idea and even a good one instead,
Just have this in mind, do you really think there wont be an amazing and a lot of varieties that will suit your taste?, specially for a game that is been worked on for years and has a high budget. Yes of course by all this doesn’t mean we can’t lower our guards down and specially with all the years that happend in previous halo games… but 343 are progressing better than before, and I respect that.

Okay now the real talk.
Think again, I actually got my hopes up right now, because this system really mimics “For Honor” customizations system with the different materials and colour options for each armour and the “coating colour” you specifically want to use for that armour.
Like for real you must have for sure crazy amount of options to choose having that system, and “For Honor” does prove that. Maybe they provide like what happend in
”Halo Reach” with the fire option on the helmet, they also might include like in For Honor with **“**special effects” that react to certain acts you do in gameplay or on the Spartan itself like again in Halo Reach.
Can you get it where I am going going at? This would be amazing if they are going with this type of system that also mimic “Destiny” I will be actually surprised and that it will be definitely not disappointing.
I might be wrong but i might be right,
Let me know if said something wrong (if so my opolgies for that) and what you all are thinking about :D.

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