Halo infinite co-op recruiting

Gear up spartans! Campaign Co-op just released and with it: a ton of fun with your friends(I dont have any which is why i am recruiting). I am looking for up to three spartans to play with. A few base rules
2. Must have mic
3.Must have infinite campaign
4. Must Play on X-BOX
5. must have me friended on Xbox(i have my reason)
If you want to know more Shoot me a message on xbox or post on this thread requesting to join.
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hi i started a few months ago and have been on a extremely consistent grind and have gotten fairly decent at the game i want to continue growing and getting better as a player and would love to joi i fit all the requerments and my xbox gamertag is FadedXD3351

Thx! I will enjoy playing with you soon also, whe can you play? I can play whenever in sessions of up to 1:30 mins
I am also interested in doing LASO sometime this or next year. I will add your gamertag today and hope that we can play together soon.also, welcome to Waypoint!
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also this is a clan right where u get to join a spartan community and everything

We can turn it into a clan together but no, it is not yet a community. also, I wasnt able to find your gamertag, are there any hidden spaces?I mightve also done 3321 instead of 3351 so :+1:
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well if we could turn it into a community i hav a fair few friends that would join and we can turn it into a real thing with people in the clan we can put together custom games to all play to gether and also by the way if u look at the to left of this message and look at my name that is also my xbox name if it still doesnt work then i will just add u and no there r no hidden spaces

SO i can play for up to 1 and a half hours too as far as i know i will next be on weekend but i may have to go somewhere this weekend so if not by this weekend then most likely the next i will add u back asap and hope to play soon

sorry abou this i have or if this goes through after had a whole heap of messages awwaitig approval apperantly and one of them as been waiting for a day so i dont know

Thx! searched you up about 3 times and I still didnt find it. Please send me a request and then we can get together and maybe makea spartan company/clan!
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sure thing will do asap

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