Halo Infinite Co-Op DLC Red Team

Narrator: After the Pilot intercepts a incoming Transmission, he tells Master Chief that he would have to come to hear this, “This Captain James Cutter of U.N.S.C Spirit of Fire, is anyone receiving me?” Then Master Chief answers “We hear your hail Captain, This is Sierra-117” and from there they have a brief talk about everything Master Chief has been through, then Carter is surprised to hear Atriox is dead and mourns in private for facing a equal in combat, “Ok Master Chief, I’ll be reuniting you with some old friends who wish also to meet the Banished again, somewhat of a score to settle” says Carter. Then Red Team deploys…

Then You can play as Red Team in First Person and even switch which Spartan during combat or maybe introduce a command function to your squad to attack! :grin:

So Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity but Halo and first-person?

With or without dlc because it looks good