Halo Infinite Clan Recruitment

GNGC (Gonga Nations) is looking to add new members to our little niche community.
At GN, we like to use discord and focus on our bonds. We are a somewhat new clan, looking to hit the rails with Halo Infinite! We are no rush into being the best.
We do practice our game sets and work on discipline during scheduled events. You do not have to appear to every single one as we’ve set it up so that the casual can enjoy our group as much as the competitive.

  • Our ranking system we use United State Army Ranks because I’m a veteran. - Discord is currently a requirement your ranks are displayed here. - We’re a multi-platform clan. I just happen to focus on Halo. - All player types are welcome
    What we’re looking for:

I’m currently looking for people, well really anyone, that can contribute to our clan in any shape or form. For example my comrade Ryuu. He hardly appears in our games but is quite active via discord and fulfills other roles. I state this for those who have limited times and restrictions can see we do our best to make room for you. Another example is Noble who appears quite often, but shows no signs of wanting to be a higher rank and on the contrast. We have Reaper who wants to climb the ranks but is also highly active. We will do our best to ensure you enjoy yourself if you decide to check us out.

If you have any questions, or would like to join GNGC fill free to Private Me or reach me on XBL. GT: Nathaniel S5496

Additional Contacts:

For all contacts
Email: gonganations@gmail.com
(Name it “Recruitment” or it’ll be ignored.)

Second Command:
(Modern Warfare) XboxLive: WARLORD212

(Halo) Xbox Live: Cloudedway

(Apex: Legends) Xbox Live: mmBiNK