Halo Infinite Clan Ideas

Okay so this is going to be a really awesome idea if they make the world open world. SO if the map is open world then how about this, whenever you make a clan you can claim your own territory and build on it. And clan wars can happen and you can take over land through attacks. To make sure larger clans don’t take over there can be one of two things. 1. Map resets every 6 months or so. 2. Have a Administrator controlled faction that comes in and attacks some of the larger clans first, and the clans have to work together to destroy it. I think this would be a really good idea and it would make clan stuff a integral part of the game and would be more awesome.

Orbital ordinance call ins; someone making you mad? You flatten their base with a MAC round.

Halo: Clash of Clans mashup edition?

Thought it sounds like a fun idea, it also sounds more like a mod i would expect for a 3rd party game, or a potential Garrysmod addon. Can’t say i like the idea of it being in a mainline Halo game.

This doesn’t seem possible, having every clan all together on one big map would need a map so big we couldn’t comprehend. Then you have to think about the kind of hardware needed to run all of that. They could add a system similar to spartan companies where you make a clan and get others to join, then set up matches through the clan manager. Perhaps this could have a 2D top down map of an area or maybe different spaces throughout the Halo Universe like Reach where the more matches you win the more territory you get. A lot of games have this kind of concept, even Call of Duty messed with the idea around 2013.

Perhaps to try and fit your idea in you could have a match type that pits some clans against each other maybe 4 or 6 on one map. They then have a small area to build their base, then choose to attack or defend their base, whoever controls the most wins.