Halo Infinite Campaign Review(s) (spoilers free) (something I read)

So based on the review I just read I am extremely scared for this game. Although I will still have to try it for myself as people like different things.

Either way I hope, I HOPE, it’s great.
(Im scared more so because of the open world and somethings I read make me scared.)


I’m gonna drop the fat wad of cash on the 8th no matter what, and I’ll confirm later if it’s worth the money.

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I just hate how people on YouTube who post story clips are putting spoilers in the title and thumbnail. Like seriously? You’re going to not even have the decency to use a non spoiler thumbnail or title the video without spoilers?


I’m just dodging everything except news articles, because the associated press has so far been nice enough to not ruin the game for me lmao

Same. I just purchased the campaign today and am excited for the 8th.

Sounds like it was a very unbiased review.
Shame we’ll never know which review you watched/read.

Forbes/ Paul Tassi

I just don’t want to post the link, because some might consider it spoilery. He doesn’t go into the overall story, but he does highlight something that some people might consider spoilers

My expectations are really low. I stopped doing the “hype” thing years ago, and learned to never even pay attention to what a streamer says about anything because most of them are just looking to pay their bills, they don’t care about the best interest of the game let alone the player base.


Only negatives im hearing is no mission/level select after completion got to just play the whole thing again and also make sure you get all collectables on a single playthrough as they can be missed! They could atleast do what metro exodus did amd split each new section of the ring you unlock into mission/level sections for replay purposes!

I feel that it might be setup a little like ODST. There are positives and negatives to that. As that doesn’t always work, ODST was special. You covered a whole team and timeline.

Now I am sure there won’t be missions like in ODST, so then it’s just open world. I still wanna have a go at it, but I am scared for this Halo and the rest of the franchise.
The multiplayer release in the state that it was/ is proves that 343 shouldn’t be trusted with this game or Microsoft for that matter. Why not give them a chance? They had three chances. Halo 5 they should have learned a lot, yet the release of the new mp proved that they haven’t listened. They might be fixing stuff, but the only things they should be fixing are the random annoying bugs, not the whole mp. It’s inexcusable. If they needed another 6 months they should have taken it. (Yes I rather wait for the game to be goodlooking at you Cyberpunk)

As someone who went to College for game design and animation I say this with a heavy heart…. We ARE owed an explanation for the mp. There are no ifs ands about it. We should have too many modes to play, not too few. I get there was covid, but at some point it can not be an excuse, we as a people need to move on. As I said, if they needed more time, take that time.

So because of all that I am scared. I haven’t ‘played’ (speaking metaphorically here) a Halo game since Reach. I have played Halo titles for sure, but not once have they gave me that “aw inspiring” moments like Halo1-Reach did…. I know it can be done, AND I HOPE, I hope this is it… if not, if I’m not impressed then to me Halo ended with Reach and Halo 3.

The reviews I am seeing are confirming my fears based on the trailers they put out. That what were seeing in these trailers really is about all were getting. You never see any deserts, snowy areas, or jungles. Cause they don’t exist. You don’t see any other major recognizable characters. Cause they don’t show up. It’s basically Chief, and Weapon killing a lot of Banished in that green Zeta Halo area, and that’s all. What’s scary is that it seems very similar to ODST in a way. Some people loved ODST but others hated it. If you didn’t like ODST you might want to be cautious on buying the Campaign IMO.

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