Halo infinite campaign preload

Hey guys does anyone know if we are gonna be able to preload the campaign some developers allow this to happen 24 hours before release and simply push a small update to allow access at that time. I would love to play the moment it releases 5am 09/12/21 yayy for being an Aussie but I’d rather not spend the entire day downloading what’s probably gonna be 60gb worth of campaign.

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I thought I heard it was already preloadable. You might have already had it happen in the form of a large filesize update

So far on my game file iv got just 26.12gb installed. That seems way to small for campaign and multiplayer im using steam. Looking in the manage game menu on infinite iv got this:

Game :installed
Multiplayer HD content pack: installed
Campaign: unavailable
Campaign hd content pack: unavailable.

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I have the Series X and I’ve purchased Infinite, but still can’t pre-install. My file size is 25.9 GB, which undoubtedly only houses the multiplayer content released thus far. For reference, Halo 5 has a file size of about 100 GB on my Series X. I certainly hope it becomes available for pre-download soon, as the download bottleneck will only increase as we get closer. I have fiber-optic internet, but somehow the Xbox is always perilously slow in downloading games, even over a wired connection.

Most likely it would roll out between Monday to Wednesday in groups to allow servers to cope, rather than everyone getting it same time. It comes when it comes