Halo infinite campaign over view community analysis

Hello everyone i hope your having a great day, i wanted to make this post for people to analyze and discuss everything we saw in the halo infinite campaign overview. what do you guys the of the story that we have seen so far? what do you guys think if the gameplay that we’ve seen? What about the equipment and upgrades? What do you think of the grapple? how do you guys think the shield core with work? What about the threat sensor? What about the drop wall? And what about the thruster? How do you guys like the enemy AI from what we’ve seen? And ofc what about the massive world? Post you thoughts and ideas below!

So far, they kept us in the dark about the story in infinite, with more questions each time than answers. From what I’ve seen I quite like the direction 343 is taking the story, improved greatly since Halo 5 on all accounts.

More information on how they will fully operate would be nice (especially if will they operate differently on Legendary vs Easy) , but I like the change of having upgrades (opinion may change at later date).

Again, there is still a lot we don’t know about how the grapple will operate in the Environment. Although fun, I rather not be swinging like Spider-Man throughout the halo ring. Like another person said in another form, what challenge is there if I could easily grapple unto a Scarab (if there is one, hopefully). But again, we’ll have to see.

I just assumed it was a way to upgrade your shields. Boosting your shield strength, upgrading it where you can take more explosive hits, things like this.

Still not sure what big purpose the threat sensor is in campaign, even in multiplayer I didn’t use it that much. Usually enemies are pretty noticeable and loud (except sneaky snipers), but maybe since there will be a bit of stealth enemies in Infinite, it will come more in handy.

By the looks of it, the upgrades for the drop wall allow you to upgrade its strength, so that’s a win for me. In multiplayer it seem a bit weaker than the first time they showed it off in the first campaign overview.

Again, a lot of things we still don’t know. I thought that we had the choice of one equipment only, until at around 4:29 in the campaign overview where the player has the grapple selected, but uses his thrust. Hopefully thrust is not permanent like in the previous game (sorry Halo 5 fans).

Need more information for a final decision. In the overview all the AI seemed very easy, most likely due to the fact that they were playing on easy. So, can’t give you an answer on that until a later time.

Like it so far, but would like to see more of the world. I think of it as a bigger more open version of ODST.