Halo Infinite Campaign on Xbox One

So the campaign looks stellar! My hype is truly immeasurable and I can’t wait to play it. I was impressed with how well the multiplayer flights looked when I was playing on my Xbox One S and am sure that I will have no issue with the multiplayer.
But what about the campaign? Should I expect a massive downgrade in the large and open word that the campaign has to offer? What of the draw distance and frame rate? When it comes to resolution I am completely fine with 720p if that’s what it takes to run well on the Xbox One, it’s still HD. I just want to know if the game will be worth buying to play on my system, given that I and many others can’t get their hands on a Series S or X without paying a ludicrous price.

I really care about the narrative and the world of Halo, and I’d hate for the limitations of my console to break my immersion in it.


It’s fair to expect dynamic resolution 1080p 30fps with longer loading times, on the One S. It won’t be the prettiest version of the game but it should be comfortably playable. Best wait a day or so after launch to confirm it though.

Regardless, one version of the game runs on all consoles. If you’re planning on upgrading to a ‘Series’ console in the future, you can still grab Infinite at launch and eventually play it on all your Xbox devices linked to that account.


Ive recently been playing Forza Horizon 5 and was shocked at how good the graphics are on a One S, so i hope Infinite looks really good on a One S, hopefully with 60fps, but 30 is fine.

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I’m mainly worried about draw distance, textures, and lighting. I would find it difficult to be invested in the story if I’m presented with flat lighting and not-so-distant low res geometry.

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Well 30fps is a very very conservative framerate, even for that generation of consoles, so I personally think it’ll be smooth as butter even on last gen hardware, though its definition will be poor comparatively.

It’ll hurt you in terms of immersion, but I doubt it’ll be like BF2042 or something lol, it’ll run like Halo 3 did back in 2007, or maybe Halo 4 is closer idk.

I doubt you’ll see much issue here, although this is CPU dependant and older systems had an awful CPU, the reality is that 30fps is basically last last gen (think 360 era) so it would be shocking if you notice tons of performance issues with Infinite.

This shouldn’t be an issue either, though obviously they won’t look as crisp as it would on newer tech.

The most important issue… Hard to say frankly. It won’t be raytracing, but should be comparable with other systems.

30fps is extremely underwhelming compared to 60fps. That is essentially half the performance strain on your CPU, so everything should run perfectly fine due to the low FPS.

Edit: now if we’re talking split screen then I have no freaking clue, and it could impact everything to the extent it makes things look like trash.

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When I played 1st flight I was on one x, went out and got series s for 2nd flight as it crossed my mind about playing campaign on 30fps, game will still look good but of course there will be cutbacks given campaign is completely different with day/night cycle etc.

Maybe it’s really a case of don’t worry, try it on one s and make your own choice, Forza looked pretty good even on one s

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