Halo Infinite Campaign Map

Does anyone else think that Halo Infinites campaign map is to small


You can zoom in and out on it.


That is not what I meant we need a bigger map more area to explore and weather patterns the maps in some of the Zelda games makes Halo Infinites look pathetic I expected a much bigger map then we got and even bigger maps when they started to release DLC for the campaign


Would of been cool on the road if they had used either side of it to for example to use the area for another objective to be able to proceed through main path.

If there was more variety in biomes it could of been bigger, but maybe that’s the plan to expand current map?

Map size is a tricky thing with games, some are too big but too empty, others are too small, iv’e been ok with Infinites size of map, though some of the empty areas for example above outpost tremendous could of used something more rather than just 1 high value target.

Maybe some kind of vertical part, like a banshee production ship in the sky you could of entered with an objective could of been good

Without more stuff to put in it I don’t really see a bigger map as that much of a plus. If they add new things (biomes, setpieces, etc.) in DLC it will be fine but as for the current campaign and stuff spread around within it I think it needs to be bigger.

I still unable to understand why we have just one biome.
I mean I’m ok if one biome has many variations, unique places and weather conditions for example but not the way it is right now.
The thing is I believe Inf. has everything to implement different biomes even to a small world map, because the ring is broken, kinda milfunction so it’s a perfect explanation why we have for example plains with grass on one island and desert or snow on another.


Maybe it’s just part of a bigger plan, at a guess I’d say the Endless gonna bring in the desert biome, was talk about dynamic weather which hopefully comes 1 day ie. rain/snow storms.

But yeah, the map is great n’ all, but not enough variation in the areas, Even like a jungle area could of been a good addition to break it up a bit

Yes. It’s impressive and I have had a lot of fun on it.


  1. Halo does have a history of putting out different biomes. Whole galaxy spanning adventure and all that.

  2. The maps fairly small compared to other big map games such as Assassins Creed or Arma.

  3. Graphically it’s not a huge improvement on other open world games for this smallness.

  4. Despite being smaller there isn’t that much more to do. A lot like Crackdown you have some bases to clear and marines to save as you unlock the map. There’s then a few collectables and Easter eggs. Very by the numbers. So again, it’s not as if the map was small to deliver higher quality.

  5. It’s very clearly a compromise and they had to cut a lot to get the game out. So the original vision and scope is vastly reduced from what was likely intended.

  6. It’s not 2017. It’s been six years since Halo 5. So the expectation was very high in terms of what an open world Halo game could be in terms of content.

  7. It’s a platform and like Destiny 2 will have new areas added in paid DLC. However, this is all being pushed back and is a little up in the air. We might see something at the Expo but so far dataminers haven’t found anything beyond a few name tags to indicate this is being worked on. They aren’t exactly rapidly adding to the bare bones campaign.

  8. It’s not helped by the game only having the Banished as the sole enemy faction. In addition there seem to be some issues spawning certain vehicles and enemy types for random encounters. This makes the map feel smaller than it should be.

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When I said we needed a bigger map I was talking about campaign not PvP

During the campaign, I kept thinking to myself, Oh? Was I just here, did I go the wrong way and end up where I started, nope … Oh! Look I’m doing this again in the same place, but they added a plant, ain’t that nice. Oh look, I betcha there are 2 berserk brutes here because they always come in 2’s, they are sensitive they chat about personal stuff until they see a spartan. There are some very cool areas, but with nothing to do in them, they were wasted, I think it might have been more difficult to copy and paste the combatants into those areas. I keep hearing people say, maybe down the road maybe there will be varied environments, really … carrot and stick.

It will take a long time after the MP is finished and fonctionnal, so it isn’t for the next future years …

I heard that the map and campaign use to be longer but they had to release it earlier

With a microscope lol

The maps should have random weather anyway. Freaking rocket league has that basic stuff

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I personally think the size is reasonable, it’s just all the same. Not just the biomes, but the encounters and locations are all just so copy and paste that there is no real reason to explore. They talked about how cool it would be to play Halo and want to know what’s over the next ridge, and go there, but I know exactly what’s over the next ridge and it’s just more freakin pine trees and rocks