Halo Infinite Campaign. Good/Bad

Congratulations 343i. I’ve had a lot of fun with the Halo Infinite campaign. And I want to see the expansions soon. I summarize the good and the bad:

The good: The idea is great, upgrades that can be evolved like the wall or the hook, open world and bosses like never before.

The bad: serious flaws in animations and physics as in the multi, the scene designs are repeated, both in the open world and in the main one. The secondary missions are very repetitive, it’s great to have a codex of the Spartan assassins but better a codex of everything like in Bioware RPGs like Mass Effect or Dragon Age.

I hope they are improving it because it is a Halo with the possibility of being the best by far but those mistakes are serious. As well as the story that is short. Many did not like it but I did. They should have included the Infinity thing and if not, then in future expansions, combats in space, etc.

I hope and wish for more Spartan killer bosses, secondary is the best. There is much more to comment on, I have passed and I continue to pass everything and I have fun but it gives the feeling of being a game that you have lengthened and that has reached the finish line in a hurry and just right. It can be one of the best games if you improve it, I hope you are working hard. I want to know more, there are mysteries in Zeta to uncover! but please that it arrives better finished. Listen to the fans and do self-criticism to improve. Greetings and long live Halo!

I really enjoyed it and am looking forward to playing it coop in May, as well as any future campaign expansions.

It wasn’t perfect. What carries it the furthest for me is the core gameplay and the excellent dialogue. But it was 343’s best showing so far and I hope they stick with this direction going forward.

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