Halo Infinite Campaign Getting Worse?

I originally played through the Halo campaign on heroic shortly after it launched just to get a feel for the game and the story. I also just wanted to enjoy the open world and explorer without have to worry about being excessively difficult enemies. Now I’m playing it on legendary to get all the skulls.

I feel like the game is so much less stable this time around. The game is constantly crashing and it has a very hard time saving my progress during campaign missions. There have also been a few extra bugs like the one where phantoms just appear as a ball of light. None of these happened the first time around.

The first time around in my experience the game felt like it was stable and it did not have problems running. I have been playing on Xbox series x the entire time (lucky enough to get the Halo Infinite Special edition console as well) and the only other thing that’s changed is time between playthroughs.

Has anyone else had these issues? I feel like things like this are kind of unacceptable considering every Halo game has launched with a stable campaign. I’m one of those who feels like a Halo campaign is half of the halo experience. Especially a large campaign like Halo Infinite’s needs to be taken care of.


I haven’t encountered anything of that magnitude but I have been playing the Xbox One version so that may be part of the reason. I have noticed some areas where the hexagonal spire-things all over the place are just plain missing (hints of where they should be include dirt just hovering like it’s hanging on something and little sniper targets just floating just off the surface).