Halo Infinite Campaign Armor?

Does anyone know if the armor if purchased will eventually be viewable in campaign?


Right now they haven’t said anything, but it seems like co-op campaign is just going to be multiple chiefs. Who knows for future stuff.

What is the armor in question?

Are you wondering if our multiplayer Spartan will be the playable character when campaign co-op is available?

If so, the leaks suggest we’ll just be another Chief like HCE and H2.

I’m hoping that we get to play as the rest of Blue Team and let players choose who is who like in Halo 5. We already have Mark VI Gen-3 designs for Frederic, Kelly, and Linda.

It would be nice to not only play as them, but also get their armor pieces as rewards for playing the campaign in co-op mode.

  • https://halo.wiki.gallery/images/1/1d/Enc22_Fred.png
  • https://halo.wiki.gallery/images/9/9c/Enc22-Kelly.png
  • https://halo.wiki.gallery/images/thumb/a/a1/Enc22_Linda058.jpg/1600px-Enc22_Linda058.jpg
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Cutscenes are rendered ahead of time.

The game would be playable with any character model.

But the cutscenes are basically videos some characters aren’t models but objects.

What are you on about? Cutscenes are rendered in-engine.
The exception possibly being the intro cutscene on the UNSC Infinity.

You want proof?
Here is a vid showing a mod that allows you to play Halo Infinite and all of its cutscenes with one of the multiplayer armors.

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LmRgHZ8JzOA&t=276s

If it’s co-op why can’t we play as our own character the same as we play in multiplayer.? I just put the palm of my hand to my forehead and rolled my eyes … Co-op will be everyone playing as Master Chief, go figures, or should I say … your fraken kidding me.

I think it’s highly possible this game is actually being made by an 8-year-old in the basement of their parent’s home. Please note, no intended insult to anyone 8 years old, I’m sure you still have creative bones that haven’t dissolved into mush from sitting too long, Yet.

No point in thinking about it now though, no new campaign stuff for 3-4 years and co-op will be beta most likely for months and then remain partially broken. If I could peer into their board room, I would bet 343 is kicking themselves for hyping Halo Infinite as having Co-op gameplay and now they have to throw something together, and really, they would rather not do it and they wish people would just Frak off.

Guys come down, we don’t even know the Co-op will even work. :skull: Wait and see before you think about how it would be better.

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Knowing 343 and the luck of us campaign players probably not but it should be as well as
weapon skins, vehicle skins, and visor colors

I hope they do and think it would be a smart move. It would ad extra value for everyone that used the shop.


Not true, most of them in Infinite are done in-engine and work fairly well even when Chief is replaced by Multiplayer Armor Cores.

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