Halo Infinite Bugs/Issues I had

  • Can’t connect to the dedicated servers - None of the academy drills will load. The 3-second timer starts and ends. Then, nothing happens. - When changing prosthetics, it will get stuck on some of the options and I can’t change it back. - Double XP boost starts ticking in the menu the instant you activate it, rather than while you’re alive in-game. - Long boot-up time. (Black screen with loading dots) - Music randomly starts playing on the menu at a loud volume then a minute later fades out fast. - Maps and Modes options in multiplayer has info that loads nothing, and the mode details button does nothing - Long initial load times in menu navigation like loading weapon drills. - Upon reboot, none of my kb/m settings were saved. - Making the HUD screen limits smaller will cause the crosshair to disappear. - The character has almost no inertia and can change directions instantly. - The aiming didn’t feel smooth and felt like it had drag to it. Could be an FPS issue tho.