Halo Infinite Bricking my Series X

Hello, what is the deal with this issue. How many others are experiencing this? Ive played this game since launch and in the last month it Infinite has bricked my console Series X 3 times already. Its like once every week. Twice while in menus just customizing things… and third time in menus doing absolutely nothing. I play tons of other games for hours on end … especially Destiny. This never has happened with any other game.


so no one else experiences this? its just me?

I have a XSX and have not had this problem. I have a few thoughts (these are just guesses to try to help as i dont know your set up)

Xbox could be overheating so give it more space

You could be near max memory on your hard drive and that is causing issues

The xbox is not getting the power it needs. If you have it plugged into a power strip or surge protector take it out of that. I had issues with my Xbox one and from research and Microsoft support i learned that the xbox is designed to be plugged into a wall and not need a surge protector.

If you have Infinite on an external hard drive that isnt the official memory card thing that can cause issues with games that are supposed to run natively on the series x so try to move it to the internal hard drive or that memory card if you have it.

Other than that i am not sure i can help but hopefully this does, if not i would call Microsoft support. Good luck man

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appreciate the response. I have done everything above and more. I have reset, uninstalled, cleared cache, changed outlets… you name it. I have countless tickets submitted to Halo without any response. Its not from the Xbox, I play Destiny for 5-6 hours a day/night sometimes straight without ever having this issue. that being said it seems I am the only one at this point. This problem by the way wasnt hapening during beta and the first two months of the game. I do appreciate your suggestions

I think it’s a hardware or software failure otherwise they’d literally be thousands of complaints all over here and reported in the media if it was a Halo issue.

I bought an XSX at Christmas and within a few weeks it started shutting down by itself whilst playing campaign. This started becoming more frequent then in one night it shut itself down 5 times in 3 hours whilst playing MP and campaign. A few days later and it did it again after half hour.

My only advise is to try get a refund or replacement from where you bought it…if not, then try Microsoft warranty replacement (they don’t guarantee you’ll receive a new console so you may end up with a refurbished unit). Luckily mine was less than 2 months old and Amazon agreed to give me a full refund…I haven’t bothered buying a replacement yet and just playing on my old Xbox One X for the time being.

Ive had my console shut off during gameplay. Just turns off. Very unusual since its brand new and the halo edition…lol

Since it is such a rare issue, it could be a fault of the hardware being improperly installed or assembled.

im already on my 2nd series x… that said… it only happens with halo. like i said i play countless hours of destiny and have been for a long time never once has this happened, not to mention tons of other games. it only happens with infinite


I dunno then man.

I have never heard of this issue before… maybe you were unfortunate enough to receive a bad shipment of consoles?

I once bought two phones in a row that had issues with detecting their SimCards and it turned out that that entire shipment came from an assembly line with a fault that ruined the phones.

Halo Infinite is the new Xbox Ring of Death, except it’s blue insetad of Red.

The Logic Plague is real - Even moreso than the Endless lol

What is your definition of bricking? I though bricking meant that it completely breaks a console and makes it pretty much useless and essentially makes it as uselful as a brick.

But since your series X has been “bricked” already 3 times, I don’t think you had to buy a new console 3 times?

I have a Series S. It has crached 2 times, but the last time was 2021. And it was just a matter of restarting the game.

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I guess he means that it crashes the console (as opposed to crashing to the Dashboard). I haven’t seen this behavior on my XSX (bought when the console launched). Played quite a bit of Halo too (Halotracker says 824 matches and 120h played.

My best guess is that it shuts down due to overheating. People on PC reported high CPU usage on the menus. Maybe that’s the cause for it running the console hotter than with other games. If the console is sitting out in the open though (and I guess that has been tried) it should not be an issue. Would suggest trying vertical placement as that’s what it was designed for but mine sits in the AV cabinet in horizontal and it’s still not happening to me.

I’m late to this, but I’m having the exact same issue. I had some crashes to the dashboard in the first couple months, but the last two weeks it has perpetually hard-crashed the console to make it shut down. And like you said, it’s only Halo infinite. I can play any game on boosted quality for hours, but Halo crashes nearly every ranked game I try to play. It’s killing me because I love playing the game, but the last two weeks it has become literally unplayable.

So, you’re not alone. But I’ve run out of troubleshooting options too. I don’t want to send in the console because it works on literally everything else. But I’ve reset it however many times, uninstalled/reinstalled many times and even tried different outlets. No luck. Same results.

I’ve also submitted a support ticket but haven’t heard anything about it. I hope there’s not many people dealing with this because it’s a helpless feeling, but I do hope it’s brought to their attention and fixed as soon as possible

Yep. I tried all of that in addition to the other suggested fixes but none of them worked…which is why I believe it’s an inherent hardware or software on the console itself during production on some batches. It could be something as simple as the fan not working efficiently, a piece of solder causing a short, some other internal component failing completely or an OS software conflict…either way I don’t think Halo Infinite is to blame for XSX consoles shutting themselves down mid game.

Your best option is to go for warranty replacement via Microsoft if you’re unable to get a refund from where you bought it from. There’s no point stressing yourself looking for a fix or raising support tickets that won’t provide a satisfactory answer…it’s just a console that looks like every other console with no personal attachment, so swap it out for one that works properly.

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Thanks for the suggestion, my only reservation on doing that (other than it being a pain in the -Yoink!-) is the fact it only happens on Halo infinite for me… If it happened even once on any other graphically-intensive game, I wouldn’t hesitate. Just seems odd I’d have to go through this whole process just because of its specific reactions to this one game :frowning:

Also no problem here.

Bricking is usually non reversible; you are talking about simple crashes that are annoying but thankfully nowhere near brick-territory. :slight_smile:

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If you’ve uninstalled/reinstalled Halo then that tells me that it can’t be Halo…otherwise this place would literally be overflowing with complaints of the same issue…but clearly it’s not.

One last stab in the dark would be to do a complete factory reset and only install Halo as a fresh download to see if it remains stable on its own. You really shouldn’t have to do this but if you don’t want to send it back then it may be worth trying. Personally I would just bite the bullet and do the replacement…it’s not worth the stress of having a console that gives you a headache and it should be fully resolved within 1-2 weeks.

How do you get your bricked Xbox fixed so fast… Do you have several of them?

The term brick means it is as useful as a brick. Either you would have to send it in for repairs or get a new unit.

Happens to me all the time. No other game. I can play a whole day no issues. Then it will brick the series x after an hour PVP or Pve. I love the game, but can’t play it. Ranked is out due to disconnecting. There are a ton of people reporting it. I keep hearing it is a console issue. None of my other games do this though. Sad I will probably delete one of my favorite games.