Halo Infinite bots need to go. They always go like negative 10 in matches

It would be better if my team played 4 vs 3 than have a bot that makes it 4 v 4 and go 1 kill for 10 deaths. I mean, come on, good grief.


I don’t think they need to go; they just need to be at Spartan difficulty. Recruit, Marine, and even ODST difficulty is incredibly inferior and hurts more than helps. With Spartan difficulty at least they’d put up a decent fight.


Can we have the name tags or borders around them a different color or something if we get killed by them or if they’re in our team? Constantly think I’m playing with other ppl because I can’t pay attention to who’s leaving the match. Would be nice to atleast know when I’m dead if I’m playing with bots or if they’re on my team and why I’m losing so badly. Lol.

Like I said, I know it says “343” but I can’t always pay attention to the names and read the screen when I’m thinking and playing.

Just an idea.

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Imagine the salt from losing to an enemy team who were down a man but then got an AI teammate that’s better than their missing player.

Lmfao. So I got the worst of the worst last night in a quick play match of CTF on Behemoth.
A friend and I were playing together, the two players we were with left suddenly and 2 bots were put in for the rest of the game. We were constantly on the backfoot because the bots couldn’t keep up with 4 human players.
The level seriously needs to go up to Spartan or in the very least, don’t replace the person with a bot of the same level of the person who left, they need to at least be good enough with an average skill level to keep up

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Problem with Spartan difficulty is they play like they have wall hacks and stuff like that. They don’t play realistically

If they’re not around for too long as a standin while a new player loads in it shouldn’t be too big a deal

Agreed. The ODST play at a normal player level. Whe. I started getting killed by one, i had to look to see if it was a Marine, and nope, ODST. Theyve been spawning in for me now for the last few weeks.

Odst plays like some bad kid still.

I would be alright with seeing Spartan level instead

The problem with spartan is they play unrealistic, the aim is aimbot wall hack style. The reaction is like high sens yet super accurate. Their needs to be an in between.

Been a while since I played vs Spartan Bots but I don’t recall it being so bad. Fair play